8 rates with free Amazon Prime to take advantage of Prime Day 2022

8 rates with free Amazon Prime to take advantage of Prime Day 2022

This particular bundle also grants access to Orange TV, as well as 12 free months of Amazon Prime. We will have all this for 22.50 euros per month for the first 3 months, to then cost 45 euros per month. It has no associated permanence.

Extra Love Rate

In addition to the mobile rate that we mentioned just before, we also have the option of taking out a very interesting convergent offer such as the Extra Love Rate. This includes a 5G mobile line with unlimited data and calls, 500Mbps fiberOrange TV Play, Netflix and of course 12 free months of Amazon Prime.

In this case, we would have a permanence associated with the 12 month rate, but we have an active discount at the moment for the first 4 months, for what it would cost us 48.75 euros per month (later it will cost 65 euros). If we want, we have the possibility of adding additional lines with unlimited calls and data for 15.95 euros per month each.

Love Extra Plus rate

The Love Extra Plus rate This is no longer an improvement over the previous one. In this case, we have a 1 Gbps fiber available, two mobile lines with unlimited calls and data and the same advantages that we had with the previous one, that is Orange TV Play, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

This tariff also currently has a discount of 4 months, so we will have to pay 63.75 euros per month, to then cost 85. As with Love Extra, this tariff has an associated permanence of 12 months, and we will also have the possibility of add additional rows, although this time for only 8 euros per month.

Love Company Rates

Freelancers are also in luck if they are looking for a rate that includes Amazon Prime inside. All Love Empresa rates include a 12-month subscription to Amazon Prime, as well as fiber, mobile and other services depending on which one we contract.

The rates themselves are quite similar, since most offer 1 Gbps of internet connection, Amazon Prime, Legálitas and your Expert. Plus, the two most powerful include Microsoft 365, software that needs no introduction and is great for the job. The biggest difference between them is in the mobile lines they include and, of course, the price.

Amazon Prime at Orange

Amazon Prime with Vodafone

In the case of Vodafone, things change a bit. In order to obtain an Amazon Prime subscription, you will almost necessarily have to opt for a convergent offer, or for one of the two television packages that include it.

Series Love Pack

This TV package offers us a price of 14 euros per month without any promotion, and by paying this we will have Amazon Prime without time limit as was the case with the 12 months offered by Orange.

This pack also gives us access to Prime Video, HBO Max, FOX Now, AXN Now, TNT Now, Cosmo ON, AMC Selekt, SY FY and Calle 13. We will have the possibility of being able to watch television with the decoder that Vodafone puts on us at home or without it on your mobile or other portable device.

Family Lover Pack

As with the previous one, this plan also offers Amazon Prime while we pay for it. This one is priced at 15 euros and is a little different, since it changes the channels and the HBO Max subscription for Disney Plus.

This pack gives access to National Geographic Now, Cosmo, AMC, Disney Junior and Nick Jr. As you will have understood, a channel offer that is also aimed at the youngest in the house.

An unlimited duo

How could it be otherwise, part of Vodafone’s convergent offering also includes Amazon Prime. The One Unlimited Duo plan It offers us 600 Mbps fiber optic (with landline included) and 2 lines with unlimited data and calls.

Amazon Prime Video is not included as such, but it includes one of the tv packs you have just above. You can choose one of the two and take it with you for free, but when setting up your rate you can add more TV packages if you wish. It has a price of 63 euros per month (permanence of one year).

inimitable house

the inimitable house is Vodafone’s strongest converged speed. It looks a bit like the previous one, but it takes a leap in quality with 1 Gbps optical fiber and with a much more complete television.

This rate includes at no additional cost both HBO Max and Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, so that we can both watch TV on the platform and enjoy the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member. It has a price of 81 euros per month (permanence of one year).

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