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Pamplona already has its first big name. bullfighting and Mexicotoo: Isaac Fonseca. Few of the pools took their presence for granted when they suffered a few days ago at Madrid severe goring in the thigh and a broken jaw. A week ago the Mexican was on a stretcher in an operating theater and seven days later a cyclone called fonseca great conquered Pamplona with four ears still with open war wounds and sealed with steel stitches. It was the triumph of wanting to be, combined with a bullfight with closed fists, always looking for long shots. But also that of having a privileged head accompanied by an unparalleled arrest and a natural virtue: that of knowing how to measure the public and connect with it. The Mexican was able to hold the onslaught of the second when he marked his desire for a draw and was able to put the transmission he lacked in the fifth. You may disagree on the number of ears, but less on the capacity and the place you are called to occupy. Above all, the ambition and the lesson of a real cyclone. Alvaro Alarcon drew water from a dry well to cut off his ear, while Jorge Martinez natural bullfighting took shape with an uneven bullfight of Click onwhich featured a return to the ring.

Ten minutes he ran to celebrate, when Isaac Fonseca showed that he had not reappeared in Pamplona spend the afternoon, but for the afternoon to be his. The removal of the chicuelinas in the first set the tone that was then repeated in the second in a third of competition removals by the gaoneras between Alarcon Yes fonseca. Knife between teeth, the Mexican stood on his knees in the center of the ring to fight on the right with a yaw and temperance more typical of bullfighting on foot. He even reduced the assault to several crutches and a very temperate change of hands. This second had an encrusted attack, with humiliation and transmission, but which tended, as the task progressed, to mark its penchant for the interior. very skillful, fonseca he knew how to give him zeal in the crutches inward leaving the crutch in the face. The Mexican lowered his hand in a very solid task, of enormous clarity and temperance. He finished with bernadines and after a detached lunge, the president pricked up both ears and turned the helm around the ring in a decision that surprised.

Not happy, fonseca He received the fifth with several long changes of knees, before beginning his task with statuary. of the Click on, so spoons with pythons, like open temples, came and went, without much humiliation or transmission. The Michoacan has always sought the middle distance, inertia, without tightening the bar. The end, between the pythons, passing the bull on its back, kept the wick from the public who, after a lunge, asked for the two ears which were granted without much resistance.

Another ear wandered Alvaro Alarcon of the sixth, a steer who played in the first big “capote” of St. Fermin when the banderillero was saved from goring Felix Delgado when the pythons passed inches from his face as he lay motionless, fallen and pressed against the boards. It was a decomposed horn of attack, which lowered its revolutions thanks to the combat of Andre’s Revolt and the safety and dry value of Alvaro Alarcon. of the torrijos he bore the arreones without redeeming himself, relying on touch. He ended his performance with luquesinas. Same parameters, although faced with an onslaught of the highest degree of violence, genius and complication, the job was the third. he was not discouraged Alarconwho raised a very meritorious task without alaracas, being returned several times.

Jorge Martinez he stood out in bullfighting al natural al fourth. of the Totana He knew how to give the play the perfect space to stop him between the crutch and the crutch, since he went inside and failed after the second crutch. He had in a pause endured the key point to be able to bull, so the delivery came. And in front of her Martinez he fought natural one, always positioned to fight well natural. How he did it: with the middle chest, the hand at the central height of the stick and always carrying the attack from below – without forcing the figure – and until the end. Two top batches that increased in value due to the condition of the steer in the first part of the slaughter. If the task of the fourth went further, that of his first stopped when the bull lost its inertia and the race in its depths. Two good series by the right python with a steer charging with the python inside were the most lucid moments before the bull of Click on put the handbrake on. The cyclone that swept this afternoon Pamplona, with the nerves before the strength and the songs that arrive, came from Mexico and his name was Fonseca.

Celebration sheet:

Iron by José Antonio Baigorri (El Pincha) - Spain

arena of Pamplona. first of Bull Fair. More than three quarters of the occupation. Cattle ranch steers Click on, well presented, though uneven in execution and finish. The first two were the best game, especially the second, by name ‘Dreamer’, nº 7, black bragado meano mulatto, who got the return to the ring. The first, with transmission and class as long as it lasted. The fifth, noble. Very complicated, the third. With difficulties, although to a lesser extent, the fourth and sixth.

JORGE MARTINEZ, hush and silence.

ISAAC FONSECA, two ears and two ears.

• ALVARO ALARCON, silence and ear

Incidents: the banderillero Jesus Robledo Tito was treated in the infirmary of the arenas of ‘a puncture to the inner side of the right tibia, which occurred with the yaw at the second steer in the afternoon. Forecast: Sweet that does not prevent him from continuing the fight’, according to the medical report.

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