A new millionaire in Spain with the Euromillions this Tuesday, July 5

A new millionaire in Spain with the Euromillions this Tuesday, July 5

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Next Friday’s jackpot is €230 million


Stop and think for a moment how life can change
euromillions draw. Think that, every morning, you could get out of bed with nothing else to think about for your peace and that of those around you. Not having to get up early out of necessity, but doing it for fun if you want. Not having to check your current account balance at the end of each month and not being able to worry about choosing one product or another at the supermarket. And it’s that life is made up of small pleasures that make it attractive, and winning a Euromillions prize is more than enough motivation to try.

The Euromillions draw can make you a millionaire. If you are the winner of the bet, the list of accessible things is immense. From a mansion by the sea, a luxury yacht, an airplane, a dream vacation and even a private island. These are just a few ideas on which to invest the prize in the case of the combination of five numbers plus two stars. And it is that a simple ticket can change the course of your life and become a mega-millionaire overnight.

Bonoloto awards 250,000 euros to 65 players this Tuesday, July 5

We will have to wait. In the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday July 5, there are no winning Category One tickets (5 + 2). In Spain, a third category ticket (5 + 0) was validated at the administration of Lottery No. 1 of Olite (Navarre), located in Plaza Carlos III El Noble, s/n. With the Eurojackpot generated in the next EuroMillions draw
a single winner could win 230 million euros.

This is the lucky combination of the Euromillions of Tuesday July 5:

7, 10, 25, 45, 48

Stars: 3, 6

successful ticket from El Millón It was validated in the administration of Lottery No. 14 of Lugo, located in the As Termas shopping center. Avenida Infanta Elena, 93 room B-13.
The Million Code: DTK93053

Check the winning numbers and the winning combination

Stroke of luck

Award-winning stories

A winner wants to sue the Lottery for ruining her life

Jane Park won the Euromillions at 17. Now, four years later, he has revealed that what he thought was making his life better, has realized the opposite. In fact, he wants to sue the Lottery for “ruining” his life.

The young woman was lucky because she won the prize with the first ticket she bought. The figure with which it was made was exactly 1,175,000 euros. As he said in an interview with the Mirror newspaper, the price made him lose his mind and he wasted the money on designer clothes, cars and cosmetic operations.

Now he admits that he would have preferred not to have won the Euromillions because his life would be “easier”. As he admitted, despite having a lot of money, his life is “empty” and it is very difficult for him to find a partner who is not only interested in his money.

They always played the same numbers and lost the one day they didn’t bet

The story of Rachel Kennedy and Liam McCrohan is one of bad luck. The couple from England came very close to winning 182 million euros. Young students have always participated in the Euromillions draw and, in addition, they have always bet on the same numbers. They didn’t miss a day, in fact, they had set up a platform with which they could automatically buy tickets every week.

However, one Friday, they didn’t because their bank account ran out of funds. “We didn’t think they were going to come out,” they told British media The Sun.

They were wrong. When they checked the app, they received a notification with the numbers they have always played with, which have been set. And they saw that they were the ones who had won the biggest prize. Thus, they deprived themselves of pocketing 182 million euros, the exact figure of the kitty.

Win over 5 million euros and find out at the bar

Rufino became the most famous neighbor of Valuengo, a small town in Jerez after winning the Gordo de la Primitiva. It was made with 5 million four hundred thousand euros. The most curious thing is how he discovered he was a millionaire: at the bar and by chance.

Rufino was having a coffee in the usual bar. Among the patrons, the conversation broke out that someone from town had won the Primitiva Gordo award. The local server offered to check Rufino’s post: “You’re for Gordo. And from there, general disbelief. No one in the bar believed it, not even the winner himself.

Rufino had an accident in the company where he worked which cost him three fingers on one hand and rendered him unable to work.

Ruth, the millionaire who never stopped working

Ruth Breen, 39, won the EuroMillions prize as she was going through a bad economic patch. The Briton, a midwife by profession and mother of a young girl, saw how her luck turned when she was the winner of the draw.

However, she was very clear that she did not want to change the course of her life. She continued to work and used the money to put her daughter in a good school, to help her brother buy a house and to pay for her parents’ insurance.

How to play Euromillions

Euromillions is a game of chance that takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 p.m. In it, the winning combination consists of five numbers between 1 and 50 and two other numbers, called stars, from 1 to 12. Matching all seven numbers gives the right to receive the jackpot accumulated to date.

Its cost is one of the highest among playable lotteries in Spain, since the single bet costs 2.5 euros. This involves jackpots: the minimum jackpot is always 17 million euros, and jackpots can reach sums in excess of 200 million euros if several draws follow one another without a winner.

The numbers that have appeared the most in the history of the draw

To form the combination that might have statistically greater odds, EuroMillions has provided the number of times each number has appeared, both in history and over the past two years. A) Yes,
19 is the luckiest number in EuroMillions historysince he has been part of a winning combination 173 times, compared to 171 times he has been out
the 23 or the 170 of the numbers
44 and 50. Behind them are the numbers
38 and 42 (169 times),
twenty one (168),
51, 17 or 26 (165 times) or
37 (163 times).

The numbers that come out the least

On the other hand, the numbers that have been part of a winning combination the fewest times are the number
22 (126 times), the
33 (128), the
46 and 18 (129), the
47 (133), the
41 (134), the
48 (136) and
8 and 40 (137 times).

The most and least lucky numbers in 2022

In 2022, the figures that came out most often were the
6, 24 and 43all three 6 times, ahead of others that appeared 5 times:
1, 12, 25, 31, 38 and 42. Those that came out the least, on only one occasion during these four months of draws, were the numbers
4, 15, 22 and 27.

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