Aitana talks about when she started going to therapy

Aitana talks about when she started going to therapy

From anonymity to accumulation more than three million followers on Instagram. It was the change that gave life to Aitana since leaving the ‘Operación Triunfo’ academy.

The singer took a brutal leap to fame and became one of the most beloved public figures. We could see the young Barcelonan hang ‘sold out’ in many concerts during her tour, also be part of the jury of ‘La Voz Kids’ and even be the image of different brands.

But sometimes, coping with so much popularity, with which you totally lose your privacy, is difficult. That’s why Aitana decided to take steps to take care of her mental health.

This was stated by herself in the campaign presentation panthene hairwhere he was branding, something that made him “very excited”.

The artist admitted that it all came suddenly and even though it was something “she dreamed of when she was little”, she didn’t understand what was going on and it was all “very strange”.

Five years later

He was in 2017 when Aitana left the Academy and during these years he had time to “mature”.

However, the artist has always been involved in “mental health advocacy” and has said that she ‘had therapy’ and still goes. Aitana thinks “everyone should go” because it’s something that helps you deal with a lot of things going on around you.

This, yes, who helped him the most was “his family”. The singer now lives in Madrid with her boyfriend, Michel Bernardeau and, despite the fact that his parents live in Barcelona “they are there every day, calling me”.

Despite her fame, she continue to lead a “normal life” and believes that, although there are times when things are going very well in his life, “you have to keep your feet on the ground”. “No one is more than anyone, everyone works, gets up in the morning…” he stressed.

your most intimate side

We know many facets of Aitana’s life, but there are some that she prefers to keep to herself.

If the singer had to define herself in a certain way, she as “a happy person”, very “spontaneous and calm”.

It was her birthday recently and on this festive day she was joined by a getaway with her boyfriend to Ibiza. A few days on the beach where we saw them the happiest and in love… The couple have been together for several years, although when asked about future motherhood, she clarified that at 23 it is not something which I now think of the same”.

Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau in Ibiza

Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau in Ibiza | gtres

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