Amazon Prime Day 2022: Tips for chasing the best beauty discounts – Bulevar Sur

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Tips for chasing the best beauty discounts - Bulevar Sur

Each year around these dates, one of the most anticipated commercial events for fans of online shopping takes place, the Amazon Prime Day, which this 2022 already has a date: July 12 and 13. It’s an event happening simultaneously in over 20 countries around the world, so discounts last up to 48 hours. Two days of exclusive promotions with discounts of up to 50% on all kinds of products, including, of course, beauty products.

These discounts are reserved for users of the Amazon Prime service. If you are not a user, don’t worry, because you can register with a period of 30 day trial with no obligation to pay if you unsubscribe before the end of the period. During this trial period, you will also get free shipping when you shop on the platform.

The shopping giant’s goal is to outperform Black Friday or Christmas Day sales, taking advantage of the process to gain subscribers in its Prime mode.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: how it works

amazon prime day 2022 this is how it works

Be careful because one of the keys to Amazon Prime Day is that discounts have a limited time it doesn’t have to be the same. So maybe if you get lost, you’ll find that the offer for your favorite product has expired. And it is that you will find offers that last 48 hours, others limited by “stock” and others that only last a few hours.

When you enter the platform, the first discounts that Amazon will offer you will be those related to the latest searches you have made in the store. Although if you want to go straight to the point and really take advantage of the time to hunt for the best discounts, we recommend that you check out the tips for buying on Amazon Prime Day which we tell you below.

Among all the offers, traditionally every year those related to technology stand out, since they launch discounts that are really worth it. What beauty products are worth subscribing to in this regard? Undoubtedly, all those related to the tools using technology: irons, dryers, straightening brushes, sonic cleansing devices, anti-cellulite massagers, epilators, etc.

discounts foreo amazon prime day 2022

Specifically, coveted products from the Foreo brand, the leader in sonic facial cleansing devices, such as Foreo LUNA 3, Foreo UFO 2 and Foreo Bear Miniwill be available with a 30% off on the platform for esops two days. Also, the next 11 JulyAs a preview of Amazon First Day discounts, you will find other Foreo discounts on AMAZON: such as Fuchsia Bear at -20% or MOON mini 3rd IRIS at -30%.

Even if, beyond the beauty “gadgets”, the event’s flagship products in this area, there are many others that are worth it, whether you use them regularly (you can take advantage of them to stock up at the best price ) or if you wish to try them taking advantage of the discount.

amazon prime day 2022 PackShampoo Aussie

For example, brands like Herbal Essence, Aussie, Bear Fruits and H&S They informed us that they will make discounts of up to 30% on their products available on Amazon. So they are worth packs of shampoos, masks or combined of these for hair care, as they are a huge saving on the usual price.

Tips for Amazon Prime Day 2022amazon prime day 2022 tips

The first thing we recommend is that sign up for Amazon Prime before July 12. It is a free service during the trial month that you can cancel if you wish before the end of the period and which will allow you to access the attractive discounts of these two days. If you are also a student, you should know that there are special advantages for you. We’re talking about Amazon Prime Student, a three-month free trial membership that, if you decide to stick with it, will cost you 50% less than other users.

The second piece of advice we give you is that prepare a wish list to take advantage of the time and not make mistakes. Since it is impossible to know with certainty which products will be on sale, it is best to keep the ones that interest you in the platform wishlist to then have direct access and be able to buy them in a few clicks if they are actually on sale.

Another option is to leave Basket all those products you hope you can grab at a discount on July 12 and 13 and access them when the time comes to check out which ones are on sale. The purchase will be much more agile in this case, since you will only have to remove those that do not interest you since they do not have a discount.

coupons amazon prime day 2022

In addition, Amazon Prime Day Discounts are applied in different ways. Most are displayed as a price drop on the product page. But there is also the possibility of coupons and discount codes, which can even apply to products already on sale. They usually have an expiration date, so it’s possible that if you postpone a purchase, you’ll lose the extra discount.

Coupons are exclusively available to Amazon Prime users and are listed below the price, where they can be activated to apply the discount (don’t forget to check the terms!). If you want to access the shot taken, you can search in the amazon coupon page. If you click on the “Clip coupon” button, the discount will be applied to the product.

And you, do you already know which products you are interested in registering to take advantage of these exceptional discounts?

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