Ana Blanco’s funny and viral lapse with Rosalía in the news

Ana Blanco's funny and viral lapse with Rosalía in the news

Live programs usually have “momentazos” that end up making TV history or at least a total hit on social media, and the fact that there’s no time for rectifications sometimes causes people on set to commit small mistakes that are most amusing.

News is one of the most serious programshowever, they also give, from time to time, material which is received with a lot of humor in the networkslike him small slip that the journalist Ana Blanco had with the Rosalía tour and it has already caused endless memes on Twitter.


The Catalan singer began her tour in Almeríaa tour he named Motomi World Tour and that it will pass through many cities such as Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Buenos Aires, Toronto or New York, among others.

Fans of the artist have been waiting for this moment for a long timesince due to the pandemic Rosalía has not been able to go on tour for more than two years, even so many have not been able to obtain a ticket due to high demand and will have to settle for seeing fragments of the concerts via the networks or television.

Ana Blanco reported precisely from the start of Rosalía’s tour to La 1 newscastmuch to the delight of Catalan fans, but suffered a funny mistake that has already become a viral phenomenon.

Rosalía starts today her ‘Motomari’ tour in Almeria”began by telling the presenter, “before, a six-month tour, more than 40 cities in Spain, other European countries and America. There is so much desire on the part of his fans to see the Catalan artist that some have been waiting for the world premiere for some time, there in Almería“, explained the communicator without realizing her small mistake.

However, for viewers his funny slip didn’t go unnoticed, it immediately became a ‘meat’ meme and is already viral on Twitterand there were even those who realized that she hadn’t been the only one who got involved in Rosalía’s tour name, and They also shared the decision of one of the presenters of ‘Canal Sur Noticias Almería’What confused ‘Motomami’ with ‘Momomami’renaming the singer’s tour the “Momomami World Tour”.

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