Anker GaNPrime: the new generation of ultra-compact chargers and portable batteries up to 150W

Anker GaNPrime: the new generation of ultra-compact chargers and portable batteries up to 150W

Anker is launching a new line of accessories and doing it in style. Today they presented their new GaNPrime charging technology, based on gallium nitride. Along with this technology, they have launched new accessories, among which are some of the most advanced portable chargers and batteries you can buy today.

According to the Chinese accessory maker, this third generation of accessories will offer faster and safer charging, as well as dimensions up to 53% smaller to current ones. These are the different chargers and accessories that Anker has presented and can now be purchased in Spain.

Ultra-fast charging in a compact size

The new chargers promise to be compatible with more than 1,000 devices and with Power IQ 4.0 technology they will be able to automatically detect the needs of each connected device and adjust output power in real time. An ActiveShield 2.0 security layer is also added which monitors temperature and seeks to prevent overheating.

Anker 747 Ganprime 150w 2 Charger

The first device on sale is the Anker 737 charger. It is a portable charger with 120W of power and three ports, two USB-C and one USB-A. It will be available this summer at a price of 94.99 euros, in black, white and rose gold.

The chip in a modern USB-C charger is 563 times more powerful than the computer used on Apollo 11

In the United States it will also be on sale Anker 747 GaNPrime, with three USB-C ports and up to 150W power, with the ability to charge laptops up to 100W. For the moment, Anker has not confirmed its arrival in Europe. Another alternative is the Anker 735 charger, with a power of 65W and a lower price of 59.99 euros.

In addition to chargers, Anker has announced new USB cables compatible with PowerDelivery and fast charging up to 140W. As described by the brand, they have been tested to support up to 80 kg of weight and have a durability “up to 35 times greater than a conventional cable”. Its price will be €29.99 and €32.99, respectively for the one-meter and two-meter versions.

Anker 733 Powercore Ganprime 65w 2

They also showed a portable battery with a capacity of 24,000 mAh and fast charging via two USB-C ports and one USB-A port with up to 140W of power. This battery integrates the various technologies of GaNPrime, from the intelligent adaptation of the battery to the temperature system. Its price is 149.99 euros.

Similar to the chargers, the Anker 733 GaNPrime battery is also offered, rated at 65W and the size of two credit cards.

Anker 727 Ganprime Charging Station 100w 1 Png

They finally showed off the Anker 727 GaNPrime. It is a charging station, similar to a power strip but with two AC connections, two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. The advantage is that promises to be up to 50% than traditional power strips, it can offer up to 65W or 100W depending on the version and temperature control. They also have an integrated LED to see the charging status.

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