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Filtrada la magnitud del spyware israelí Pegasus: miles de periodistas y opositores espiados por gobiernos de todo el mundo (incluido España)

Apple has announced a new security feature to protect iPhone, iPad and Mac users against highly targeted spyware cyberattacks. One of the most well-known spyware targeted by this tool is Pegasus, the product of the NSO group which has managed to infect a large number of devices belonging to activists, journalists, businessmen and politicians, including including the mobile phone of the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez.

The feature, called “Lockdown Mode” (isolation mode), as the Cupertino company explains, aims to provide an extreme level of security for the small number of users who are likely to fall victim to targeted attacks with advanced spy tools. Let us remember that these are generally used at the government level to spy people of high political or social profileso most users will never be affected.

Isolation mode, an extreme security feature

This is an “extreme” feature because users who want to have this extra security, by activating the isolation mode, will have to give up some features of their device, which are mentioned below.

  • posts: Most attachment types other than images will be blocked. Several features, such as link preview, will also be disabled.
  • Web browsing: Certain web technologies, such as just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation, will be disabled unless the user excludes a trusted site from isolation mode.
  • apple service– Incoming invitations and service requests, including FaceTime calls, will be blocked if the user has not already sent a request or called the initiator.
  • Connections cable with a computer or accessory will be locked when iPhone is locked.
  • Failed to install configuration profiles and the device will also not be able to access mobile device management (MDM).

The new isolation mode is not immediately available. We’ll have to wait until fall to see its arrival in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, though those running the beta versions of the aforementioned operating systems will likely get a chance to get their hands on it beforehand. Additionally, Apple says it will continue to improve “lockdown mode” over time, so we may see an evolution of this feature.

Screening the scale of Israeli spyware Pegasus: thousands of journalists and opponents spied on by governments around the world (including Spain)

Additionally, those in Cupertino announced that they would allocate 10 million euros “to support organizations that investigate, reveal and prevent highly personalized cyberattacks, including those perpetrated by private companies that develop mercenary spyware supported by the ‘State”. The move adds to other company precedents, such as security fixes for its device systems and the request to NSO Group.

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