Arsenal – Sevilla: an unfortunate debacle with a message (6-0)

Arsenal - Sevilla: an unfortunate debacle with a message (6-0)

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Sevilla fell with a bang against Arsenal in the Emirates Cup in a duel in which the English clearly passed over the Sevilla players, who gave a very bad image. This defeat, with three goals from Gabriel Jesús, two from Saka and one from Nketiah, sends a clear message that there is work to be done on the bench and, above all, in the configuration of a squad that needs to be redone. end to end. front if wants to compete for ambitious challenges. The good thing is that it’s only pre-season, but that’s an inappropriate image of an entity like Sevilla FC.

The game quickly showed what the first half was going to be like. Arsenal’s intensity and blistering pace overwhelmed a Sevilla who hadn’t heard of the film as they were already losing by a landslide.

And it was all caused by a penalty from Rekik on Saka for a charge into the box which the assistant considered a penalty. Arsenal’s own 7 scored the 1-0 as they trumped Bono. From here, the perfect storm.

Sevilla appeared once in attack, Fernando reaching the edge and making a mistake on the final pass, when it would have been better to take a shot on goal. Arsenal got it right, they increased the distance on the scoreboard with an action that started and ended with Gabriel Jesús receiving Bono’s denial from a Xhaka cross to push deep into the net . On the next move, the third. A cross from Martinelli on the left side when Gabriel Jesús was brought in, the Brazilian took advantage of it without scoring to beat the Moroccan goal at will.

The prank even touched a player who rarely makes mistakes like Bono, who gave Saka the fourth with a pass to nowhere that the striker didn’t miss. Offensively Sevilla didn’t exist, they didn’t even shoot on goal, and in defense they gave a distinct feeling of fragility. A shot from the edge by Rakitic (after a missed shot by En-Nesyri), and a weak header from En-Nesyri were the only approaches in a forgotten first act. On the contrary, the team led by Mikel Arteta had two more clean plays, including a one-on-one from Martinelli which Bono spoiled. The break was the biggest relief for a draw Sevilla.

The second half started a bit better for the Sevilla side, who reached the goal at least twice with shots from Fernando and Rekik, both with headers from a corner, but they couldn’t find Ramsdale’s goal. Arsenal, however, were also looking for more and had a few approaches with deflected shots from Gabriel Jesús and Odegaard. Xhaka came close to fifth on a volley from Thomas’ pass that went over the crossbar. To make matters worse, En-Nesyri had to leave the pitch due to a blow to the mouth during a shot attempt and was replaced by Ivan Romero. Fernando, Acuña and Rekik also left, Kike Salas, Pablo Pérez and Pedro Ortiz entered.

The home defense gave him the will, but also gave way in the 5-0 action, when a Gabriel shot was taken away by Bono in the first place, but Kike Salas fell asleep on the rebound , which Gabriel Jesús took advantage of to do the third party in your private account. Nketiah culminated this outrageous result against which sends a clear message to all.

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