Atlético Sevilla resume training

Atlético Sevilla resume training

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The Athletic Sevilla resumed training this Monday in the sports city of Seville, on the Carretera de Utrera, after undergoing the relevant medical examinations last Friday. The first branch in Seville got to work under the supervision of Alexander Acejowho took over the bench in October last season, when he took over from Paco Gallardo, and will continue to lead the team despite relegation.

The Malaga coach will have the mission to bring Atlético de Sevilla back to First Federation, a category that lost last year after a poor start to the championship. Therefore, this campaign will participate in the Second Federationor what amounts to the same, the fourth category of national football.

To prepare for the season as well as possible, Seville supporters will work in the sports city until next Saturday, with a Sunday off in this first week of exercises.

Under the orders of Alejandro Acejo, a multitude of players have started training, several of whom will end up at Sevilla C and some will leave for other teams, while footballers from the subsidiary who are finishing the pre-season of the first team of South Korea, will be important in this Sevilla Atlético, in case Juanlu, Nacho Quintana or Kike Salas.

At the moment, the list of 32 footballers who have started practicing in the sports city is made up of: AAlfonso Pastor, Adrián González, José Antonio del Castillo, Matías Arbol, Carlos Rodríguez; Valentino Fattore, Darío Benavides, Sergio Martínez, Diego Hormigo, Ismael Armenteros, Juancho Villegas; Lolo Vázquez, Carlos Álvarez, Ismael Salguero, Adrián Peral, Lulo, Capi, Ryan Johansson, Manu Bueno; Diego Talaverón, Musa, Zarzana, Isaac Romero, Antonio Arcos, Santisteban, Alexandro Fernández, Iker Villar, Pablo Ortiz and Raúl Rojas.

Additionally, three new faces have been formed which have yet to be announced, such as the central Ramon Martinez, Leo Mascaro and the midfield joaquin bear, which adds 32 footballers to the total. As we know, the ten youth teams of Lopetegui (Herzig, Alberto Flores, Juanlu, Nacho Quintana, Pedro Ortiz, Pablo Pérez, Kike Salas, José Ángel, Luismi Cruz and Iván Romero) are not there. Juanmi García and Xavi Sintes did not start these first sessions either, still injured last year.

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