Austrian GP – Leclerc warns Ferrari: the battles between him and Sainz cannot be repeated

Austrian GP - Leclerc warns Ferrari: the battles between him and Sainz cannot be repeated

Aware that the 44 points currently separating him from Max Verstappen in the championship already make a worrying difference, Charles Leclerc is urging Ferrari not to repeat mistakes like battling as Red Bull run away.

In the event of a direct confrontation between the two pilots of the Scuderia Ferrari at Silverstone would not have been enough to increase pulse from the wall of the Italians, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz did not hesitate to repeat said performance in a new fight for the position from the first attempt they had.

After just 82 thousandths separating the last of them from Max Verstappen in the first qualifying session on Friday, as it was a formatted weekend at sprint, #16 and #55 once again explored the limits of the track.

bullet in the foot

A good start from Sainz allowed him to pass Leclerc at the first corner, even leveling Verstappen’s Red Bull shortly after, but what was perhaps a excess of optimism brought him back to his original starting position.

However, once the Dutch driver had already left both Ferraris, the fights between Sainz and Leclerc, far from stopping, continued to occur. Aware of the time it may take on Sunday, the Monegasque sent a message to his team.

That’s how close the two Ferrari drivers were in the opening meters of the sprint.

“Tomorrow’s race is going to be long, and tire management It will be much bigger than today, so probably tomorrow we won’t have the means to do what we did today,” warned Leclerc.

If that would have been enough to claim victory? I don’t think so, because Max was also managing his tires once he left, so we’ll never know what would have happened; but yes, today’s work… is what it is»

For his part, Sainz pointed out that “today there was very little to win or lose with these fights”, without even considering that one of the two was out of contention. “We are talking about one point more or one point lessbecause in the sprint there aren’t many points at stake. It seems like Max had the race very controlled tAll the time in the lead, so it’s not like we fundamentally lost.”

Pilot 1 and Pilot 2?

Finally, each of them gave their views on what the team should do in the event that a quick decision has to be made if these clashes happen again in the near future.

“I do not know The game’s rulesobviously it’s not us who decide, Mattia will do it more,” said Leclerc.

Mattia and the team will decide, but Max doesn’t seem to suffer too much from the rhythm. We have to make sure that we are closer to the beginning and the end of the stintthat’s what we have to try tomorrow,” concluded Sainz, already focused on the race.

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