Boris Johnson’s ministers will soon ask him to step down, BBC says


The main ministers of the British government will soon ask the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to resign, judging it untenable that he continues at the head of the government after the deluge of resignations within his team, reported Wednesday the BBC.

The trickle of Executive Johnson resignations remained unrelenting on Wednesday after the prime minister received the first blow on Tuesday in the form of the resignations of two of his heavyweights: the health and economy ministers. Despite this, the British Prime Minister remains fearless. “I don’t think anyone in this country wants to see politicians on the campaign trail,” he said in response to insistent questions from the opposition in parliamentary committee.

The delegation that will meet Johnson next will include Ministers for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis and Wales Minister Simon Hart, as well as Transport Minister Grant Shapps, who are among his closest allies, the channel said. public.

Johnson learned of his aides’ intentions during an appearance this afternoon before the House of Commons Liaison Committee and, after a few moments of confusion, continued to take questions from MPs and held firm.

“I think we need to continue to serve our constituents and address the issues that affect them,” he added. Or, later, when asked directly if he would continue as Prime Minister tomorrow, he was even clearer: “Of course!”

“I don’t think anyone in this country wants to see politicians campaigning”


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If this Tuesday afternoon the resignation of two heavyweights like the heads of Economy and Health, Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid, was known, this Wednesday morning were added the resignations of a total of 28 secretaries of State and other ministerial posts. The most recent were the resignations announced by Secretaries of State Rachel Maclean, Kemi Badenoch, Julia Lopez, Mims Davies, Lee Rowley, Neil O’Brien and Alex Burghart.

Another key support Johnson has lost is that of Britain’s Territorial Cohesion chief Michael Gove, one of his closest allies. Gove was clear and, according to local media, explicitly asked the chief Tory that he resigns “Michael (Gove) basically told him it was time to go, that (his time as Prime Minister) was over,” revealed a British government source quoted by the newspaper. FinancialTimes. The withdrawal of support from Gove, who remained close to Johnson during his 2019 leadership campaign, is seen as a sure sign that the Prime Minister no longer has the trust of those close to him.

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To all are added the vice-president of the Conservative Party, Bim Afolami, and the parliamentary assistant to the Ministry of Transport, Laura Trott. “I don’t think the prime minister no longer has not only my support, but also the support of the party and the support of the country. For this reason, I think he should resign,” Afolami said in a TV interview. live.


The cascade of resignations of senior Johnson cabinet officials has plunged the British Prime Minister into a major crisis


The first to step down and spark the crisis was Health Chief Sajid Javid, who posted a devastating letter to Johnson on social media accusing him of setting an inappropriate tone and values ​​”which are reflected on the Conservative MPs, the party as a whole and the image of the nation”. “Things – he concluded – cannot go on like this, for the good of the country”.

For his part, in a clearly coordinated action, he was supported by the number two in the government, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and head of economy and finance, Rishi Sunak, with an equally devastating message in which he directly accused the prime minister of incompetence. “An administration – he said – must be led with seriousness and firm principles, and this is not the case with the one we have”.

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Among Johnson’s closest group of allies, former cabinet minister Liam Fox also joined voices demanding Johnson’s resignation. In a map collected on Twitter, Fox wrote in a mensaje directed to jefe del Ejecutivo que los events de los últimos días le han “convencido” de que “desafortunadamente no puede continuar liderando el Partido Conservador y, aún más important, nuestro Country”.

“We’ve lost too many good people in government who couldn’t reconcile their loyalty to you with their conscience. I share that sentiment,” Fox says.

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