Carlos Sainz, moving forward without losing innocent joy

Carlos Sainz, moving forward without losing innocent joy

Illusion is a fundamental driving force in life. In professional sports, where big goals require a long run, enjoying the journey is essential. Without this daily dream, far from a passion that moves us, it is impossible to approach what one day made us take the first step. Moving forward without losing that innocent joy is complicated, and that’s what separates good athletes from great competitors.

Sport charts a very clear path: it demands supreme effort and guarantees no results. In order not to despair on this path where so many people end up giving up, we have to find something to guide us. An additional stimulus that holds us firm as on the first day. The love of sport is this engine, valuing each step of the way as the one that leads us to consume the result.

Just a few days ago, Carlos Sainz won his first victory in the Formula 1 world championship on the Silverstone circuit. Coming from a leading motorsport family, with his father as a great reference, the native of Madrid feels the passion from an early age. for layouts. Having that environment helps build a dream, but it takes real passion and talent to emulate those steps.

Carlos was forged in this culture from his childhood, improving as an athlete and climbing through the various categories of motorsport until he hit the front line. It’s a sport where nobody gives anything, in which life is played in every race and training trying to be the fastest. A discipline of reflexes, fleeting decisions and expertise, in which a determined spirit, driven by an enormous desire to succeed, is essential on the asphalt.

The importance of the team seems obvious, of the engineers who design the vehicle, the mechanics responsible for putting it in place and the strategies of the governing body. There is no doubt based on their knowledge and decisions. But the person who pulls the car’s global performance is the driver, whose job is tested under the maximum pressure imaginable.

Carlos landed last year at Ferrari, one of the most legendary teams in the paddock, signing one of the best contracts of his career and entering the history of Spanish motorsport. Aware that Ferrari could offer him what every driver aspires to, one of the flagship cars on the grid. His talent was quick to show the fruits of this link with the Italian house. Several podiums and major races have placed him as one of the main riders in the World Championship, waiting to take the plunge with his first major victory.

This prize was awarded at Silverstone, one of the most revered tracks in the world of motorsport. At the British GP, his name was engraved in the history of the sport. A triumph that he had sought during the races and a nostalgia that he had already had the opportunity to consume.

Let’s take advantage of the great talents that sport has to offer. Sainz is already one of the best riders in the world, and with patience and perseverance, sooner or later his luck will return. Hopefully we’ll see him raise his fist today at the Austrian GP.

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