Charles Leclerc confesses what Mattia Binotto told him in the conversation that went viral among all Ferrari fans | DAZN News UK

Charles Leclerc confesses what Mattia Binotto told him in the conversation that went viral among all Ferrari fans |  DAZN News UK

Charles Leclerc has lost the bellows with which the Formula 1 World Cup 2022. After his fourth place in British Grand Prix add five races without getting on the podium.

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The Monegasque Ferrari driver was one of the most affected by the safety car, provoked by Stephen Ocon, just a few laps from the end at Silverstone.

The strategy of the Italian team deciding to stop carlos sainz It didn’t help either and for him it was a decisive blow, since he was the only one of the group leading the race with hard tyres.

Thanks to this, the Spanish rider won the first victory of his career and the Monegasque could not hide his disappointment with Mattia Binottoleader.

now him Austrian GP It’s presented as an opportunity to make amends, but everyone wanted to know what the two of them said in a conversation that was caught on camera and quickly went viral.

“I’ve said it before. I know it can create doubts. He was screwed up and mad at me because I was so depressed. He was trying to cheer me up.”

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“Everyone wonders why he put his finger like that, but I think he was just frustrated to see me so low after a great race. On the other hand, it’s completely understandable. He understood my disappointment with lead the race and finish fourth.” We have to make sure that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to us too much in the season,” he adds to clarify the conversation with the Ferrari boss.

“For me, it’s more the accumulation of the last five races, it’s hard to take. Between reliability concerns and the others, I didn’t get on the podium. It’s not easy, but I’m still as motivated as before.” “It does not change and I come with full confidence that it can be a great weekend. I continue to believe, as much as before, in the World Cup”, Leclerc himself concluded with an air of more smiling.

Ferrari’s support

Charles Leclerc, asked specifically about this losing streak, was candid about his relationship with Ferrari: “I feel the support of the team. He has not been lacking in the last races. Internally, we are working harder than ever .”

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“We do everything to better decide in this type of situation. But we have always done it, we have always looked at the aspects where we must improve and that is what we are doing”, adds a Ferrari driver who combines three months without winning in F1.

The potential battle with Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz took the first victory of his Formula 1 career at Silverstone, a win that capped a perfect five-race cycle for the Spaniard, in which he also managed to reach the podium three times. The other side of the coin is that of Charles Leclerc, who could not be on any of his steps.

When asked if Ferrari should choose one driver or another when making the decision, he returned to the team boss: “I’m not the one who has to make the decision. It’s more a question for Mattia Binotto.”

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