Claudia Osborne’s first words after giving birth to baby Micaela

Claudia Osborne's first words after giving birth to baby Micaela

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        Claudia Osborne She has been satisfied since the birth of her little Micaela. Bertín Osborne’s daughter gave birth to her first daughter at the Ruber Internacional clinic in Madrid. The ‘coach’ and José Entrecanales are delighted to be new parents and wanted dedicate a few kind words to the new family member. “06/30/22, the day that changed my life. The day I felt the greatest love I have ever felt. Thank you life for granting it to me and thank you Micaela for choosing me “, wrote Claudia Osborne with a photo of their hands holding each other.

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        The coach’s first words were very touching and she also wanted to take advantage of the moment to thank all those who made this day special and those who are in the same situation as them: “I also want to take advantage of the position to thank you to all those who write to congratulate us, there are many of you and I feel very privileged to have such a caring community as the one we have built here. Thanks thanks thanks”continued the daughter of the presenter.

        Throughout her pregnancy, Claudia Osborne shared her progress, her doubts and her hopes as a new mom. During the first months of pregnancy, he had a regular time with the symptoms typical of the beginning but little by little he recovered. Claudia chose to lead a healthy lifestyle so that everything would run smoothly. The coach and writer is a vegetarian and admitted that one of her first doubts when she wanted to be a mother was knowing that she had all the right parameters. “They call it nesting”, The young woman wrote on her social networks showing little Micaela’s room. He surely continues to show us new things with his little girl already in the world.

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