Dembélé is now in the hands of Barça

Dembélé is now in the hands of Barça

Ousmane Dembele continue without a team. A week ago, his contract with Barca ended and he didn’t sign for anyone. The 25-year-old striker has doubts over his future, although Xavi continues to insist on his desire to continue at Camp Nou, where he has spent the past five seasons delivering an inconsistent and at times infuriating performance. Dembele He took his time to decide whether to accept the lower offer (he would get 40% less than his old salary) offered by the management of Joan Laporta.

The club are considering, still following the coach’s recommendations, the way forward for the striker. The player, who has not found a destination that meets his high economic expectations, is also thinking along the same lines. And the contract, which would be signed for two more seasons (June 2024), is ready in case Dembélé wants to sign him.


Although nothing has been finalized yet. But an obvious countdown because this Monday, July 11, the internationals who participated in the Nations League matches in June are returning and on Saturday 16, Barça is flying to the United States where three matches await them: Inter Miami ( July 19), Madrid (July 23, Las Vegas) and Juventus (July 26, Dallas).

In these games, Xavi would like to have Dembele, a player who has repeatedly haggled over offers from Barca. He did it through his agent Moussa Sissoko. He was the one avoided a response to Barca’s proposal angering the Mateu Alemany, club football director But now, as Mundo Deportivo revealed, Dembele to accept (he hasn’t said so publicly) this lower offer and renew for two more years so that everything remains in Barca’s hands.

xavier he already got away with it at the last winter market where he reinserted Dembele in the group after refusing to walk through the exit door that opened for him Germany, Tired as was the executive of this silence from the footballer’s agents.

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For Xavi, it would be ideal to be able to take Dembele to the United States tour which begins next Saturday. And if he has it this Monday training with the group in the sports town of Sant Joan Despí, even better, something more complex. But the case is still open. It’s been like this for months, waiting for a final resolution, while the player, as usual, goes back and forth in his positions.

He comes and goes under that indecipherable halo that has sparked anger in Barca’s sporting executive structure, no matter how convinced Xavi remains that when well trained, he can make Dembélé one of the best players in the world in his position.

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