Edelweiss Estévez, the Canarian with the viral hug with Camilo: “It was the best gift she gave me”

Edelweiss Estévez, la niña canaria del abrazo viral con Camilo: “Fue el mejor regalo que me hizo”

Edelweiss resides in Tenerife and traveled to Gran Canaria with his parents and his sister, Xiomara, 17. They traveled to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with two other families from Tenerife, a total of twelve people, to attend the two sessions of the Granca Live Fest and they never imagined the surprise to come.

Edelweiss’ father bought the tickets for his wife and two daughters three months ago, Sonia says, and they were counting the days until the date arrived.

“Going to the Camilo concert was my sister’s dream. He knows all his songs,” says Xiomara.

“It was very exciting because I was singing the song scissor hand pure lung and that he realized that it had moved me. It was very pleasant”, says Edelweiss, recalling the beautiful experience she had this summer and which she will never forget.

Edelweis Estévez, at the Gran Canaria stadium to attend Camilo’s concert. LP/DLP

The singer told her he “loved” hearing her sing and asked her name. He thanked her for coming to the concert. Both sang the theme along with the rest of the stadium. “Everything was very fast. The hug was the best gift he gave me”, emphasizes the girl, who next year will study the sixth grade of primary school. edelweiss she is a good student and has the makings of an artist: she sings, dances and plays the piano.

“It was very exciting because I was singing the song ‘Hands of Scissors’ loudly”

His friends and family tell him he was “very lucky” to have met Camilo in the first person. He likes it “since he released his first album. At school he only talked about that, that when he went to the concert he wanted to meet him, at least one Hi”. However, Edelweiss receives a big hug from her favorite singer.

When Edelweiss saw the footage from the concert, she was surprised: “I didn’t know I was crying like that.” Her mother moved closer to the front row to get closer to the stage as her daughter “got more and more excited. When I realized it, he was a meter away from me,” recalls Edelweiss. It is clear that he will go “to all the Camilo concerts that he can”. scissor hand It’s your favorite subject.


Residente and Camilo concert at the Granca Live Fest
EFE/ Angel Medina G. | GC LiveFestival

Sonia says, almost speechless after two days of concert, that the first thing that struck her was that “people made room for her to come on stage and ask her to sing with him”. He adds that “many people contacted me to send me the videos. It was all very moving.”

I know inside your heart is moving”, pray the song scissor hand by Camillo. A letter that comes like a glove to describe the great moment that was experienced on Saturday at the Gran Canaria stadium and that was sealed forever with a big unforgettable hug.

Camilo’s hug to Edelweiss wasn’t the only surprise moment of the night. A couple from Gran Canaria got engaged on stage after a man asked his girlfriend to marry him.

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