Elena Furiase gives birth to her daughter and gives her a curious African name

Elena Furiase gives birth to her daughter and gives her a curious African name


Lolita Flores’ daughter welcomed her second child with Gonzalo Sierra

Elena Furiase, shortly before giving birth.
Elena Furiase, shortly before giving birth.GTRES
  • families Lolita, hoarse, after the wedding of Elena Furiase: “My daughter ended up in my room, she looked like the girl in the circle”

Elena Furiase already has her daughter in her arms. The actress gave birth to a beautiful daughter three days ago, although the news only broke a few hours earlier, when she herself took it upon herself to make it official: “On the 4th of July, our beautiful daughter was born, Nala. Thank you for your messages, we are delighted. We are already four”, he revealed on his Instagram account, where he has not yet posted any postpartum images.

The name chosen was Nala, of African origin and meaning “queen” and “gift”, although she is also remembered forr the protagonist of The Lion King. It is anecdotal to learn that during the sweet wait it had slipped that she could be baptized with the name of Lola, in honor of her great-grandmother, the unforgettable Pharaoh, Lola Flores. But at the time, it became clear that the parents preferred another first name.

The newborn enlarges a family that was already composed by the the couple’s first child, Noah, who is now three years old and will soon be able to act as an older brother. Elena and Gonzalo are bloated. It must be remembered that only ten months ago they said yes in an idyllic ceremony held in the Cadiz town of Vejer de la Frontera. And it is that Cadiz is a city to which the family is closely linked. This is where they took advantage of a few days of vacation during the home stretch of pregnancy.

Who couldn’t be happier with joy is Nala’s proud grandmother. Lolita Flores has another grandson to care for after Noah’s birth, a moment the artist melted with: “I am already a grandmother of a beautiful child. Thank you, heavens, to the Virgen del Pilar and to my caste and that of my son-in-law. Ol I’m already a grandmother”, she commented at the time. On the contrary, on this occasion she has not yet spoken, neither she nor any member of the clan beyond Elena Furiase. They carried pregnancy with iron discretion.

It should be noted that this news comes to improve a year which turned out to be fateful for Lolita following some health problems that she herself told during her last interview with luxury saturday“He gave me a very strong attack of sciatica and the doctor found me arthrosis in the coccyx and scoliosis in the spine that pinched my sciatic nerve. Now I have a trainer who puts me back in place. To make matters worse, later on I caught bronchitis and I was bedridden for 15 days with antibiotics… That’s why now I think a lot about projects.” Added to this was a vision problem that made him see blurry.

In this way, Elena Furiase and Gonzalo Sierra take another step to strengthen a marriage that was formalized in September 2021 but began in 2017, always with the secrecy that characterizes them, despite belonging to one of the family sagas the most famous of our pass

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