Exclusive ‘Mamarazzis’: Pique and his “special friend”, inseparable

Exclusive 'Mamarazzis': Pique and his "special friend", inseparable

Like every week, and once reincorporated Laura Fa at your postmamarazzi’ after Hollidays, Lorraine Vazquez and she gives a double exclusivity on Gerard Pique and his “special friend”.

Laura Fa comments that the footballer from the Barca Gerard Pique He arrived at 8:20 a.m. on Saturday at El Prat airport from Dubai. The defender traveled with a blonde girl in the emirates business classa young woman whom his confidante, an airport employee, claims to be his girlfriend.

Lorraine Vazquezfor his part, reports that a day later, on Sunday, Pique went with his children to the Balloon World Cup, at the Fira de Barcelona – Gran Via. Also at the event was the “special friend“of the footballer, who was dressed in black and who could be seen talking to the children of Shakira and Pique.

Working in Pique’s company

The ‘mamarazzi’ confirm that the girl, identified as c. and which they have reported since the exclusivity of the passed June 1, works at cosmosPique’s company. But, contrary to what has been made public in other media, she is not the right arm of the footballer in the company, but just another employee. in fact, it is one of the latest additions to Kosmos after the good results it has achieved. And they add that both try to maintain a very low-key working relationship and barely interact at work.

In addition to giving the latest exclusives related to Gerard Piqué and his special friend, the magazine ‘mamarazzis’, like every week, gossip magazines and the most outstanding news from the social scene.

First, the reconciliation of Isabel Preysley and Mario Vargas Llosa. How could it be otherwise, ‘Hello!’, Isabel Preysley’s main magazine, took on the task of denying that they live apart, providing graphic evidence of their trip to Ibiza.

Urdangarin, on the beach with Armentia

The same magazine is responsible for denying another rupture: that of Inaki Urdangarin and Ainhoa ​​Armentiawho were seen in a relaxed attitude and in swimsuits in the bidart beaches which, curiously, are the same ones that Urdangarin frequented with the baby Christina. The magazine assures that these are the images that confirm that the couple are still together after overcoming the crisis caused by moving too quickly.

And he also talks about the physical change of the Infanta, who has been retouched for remove unsightly wart which she wore on her lip.

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The third couple to make peace was the one formed by Norma Duval and Matthias Kuhn. After 13 years together, this is the second time they have separated (and reconciled).

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