FCB Femeni beat and have fun in the Joan Gamper Trophy

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The Johan Cruyff Stadium welcomed the Joan Gamper Trophy who faced Barcelona versus Montpellier the afternoon of August 23 from 8:00 p.m.

The speeches of Alexia and Giráldez

Before the match and as usual at the Gamper, the team was introduced to the fans, and the coach and captain gave a speech. Begining with Alexiathe eleven azulgrana was very grateful for the support of the people in the previous campaign and also very convinced of being able to achieve the objectives in 2022-2023. The captain said that the team will do everything possible to play their third consecutive Champions League final and this time win it. For its part, Giraldezremembered what he had been through campnou, too he thanked fans for their support and said he wanted to return it as titles.

The starting XI

Once the squad presentation was over, it was time to get the ball rolling and Barca did it with the following XI: Sandra Cloths in goal, line of four for Bronze, Walls, Mapi Leon Yes Judith Pujol. in the medulla, dad, marion Yes pineapple and in the attack, Crnogorcevic, Rolfo Yes geyser.

total domination

The Barça team confirmed the good feelings observed in pre-season and produced a high level first half. Although the chances were slow to come, Barca took control of the ball early on, but it wasn’t until half-time that the first goal was scored. The game was initiated by Rolfö on the left wing, overflowing and depositing a great center that Geyse will finish with a header. A few minutes would pass and it would be 2-0, the work of Patri Galet. The midfielder was the first to finish a loose ball from considerable distance and sign one of the goals of the pre-season.

To the misfortune of the rival, dad wanted more and taking advantage of a lack served by claudia pina, would finish with a header and free from a mark to sign his double. Those of Giraldez They left at the break with the match doomed, not only because of the strength of the scoreboard, but also because the rival did not approach the goal of rags.

An insatiable Barca

After the break, they would enter the pitch Gemma font Yes Ona Barada and unlike the first half, the goals were soon to arrive. Again, geyser, with his header, would make it 4-0 on Johan’s scoreboard. And a minute later, Barca made the little hand with a bit of Rolfo. There would be more movement from the bench, they entered the field engene, Torrejon Yes Ariana Arias. The latter would be the author of the 6-0, after a good release from her own ground, she passed the goalkeeper by biting the ball and finished on an empty goal.

Giraldez took advantage of the comfort of the result to continue giving minutes to less usual players, ten minutes from the end Alba Caño and María Pérez entered. There would be one last chance ahead which could mean the seventh, Patri managed to score a hat-trick but missed a penalty in injury time.

A total of 5,125 spectators cheered for the ninety minutes as fans and players alike enjoyed the Gamper party which was consecrated with great goal and great team play.

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