Fernando Alonso: “It was one of my best races”

Fernando Alonso: "It was one of my best races"

    Fernando Alonso had a complex race in the Austrian GP, ​​having started 19. The Spaniard could not start in the Sprint classification, so he chose to change the power unit for free, because he did not ‘lost no position for the sanction which such an action implies. “While the truth is that it was a tough race, especially starting this far, we had a lot more pace but we were all on a DRS train and no one was overtaking so we lost a lot of time there.

    much more competitive

    In the race, Fernando was able to demonstrate his potential with a good comeback, thanks to a different strategy, which allowed him to climb to tenth position. This is how he shared it in front of the microphones: “felt a lot faster than the cars we were fighting and that’s a good feeling

    However, the spoils are scarce if you take into account that after the stop under virtual safety car, the Spaniard was able to change wheels, only falling to ninth place; but unfortunately and as we were able to learn in the denouement of the race, probably an incorrectly adjusted nut forced Alpine to stop again in the pits to solve the problem. However, Fernando in his appearance analyzed the incident exposing other facts as the cause of the second stoppage in a row: “Then at the end I think we could have finished sixth but we had to make another pit stop one lap after another because I had a lot of vibration in the tyres, I don’t know what happened passed and we had to stop again”.

    It is possible that these statements only serve to cover up a possible illegality committed both by Alpine and by Fernando himself, because if the suspicions of the FIA, which is investigating the incident, are confirmed, the driver and the team could be heavily sanctioned. , since the regulations require the single-seater to be stopped in this type of situation, given the risk of having a single-seater traveling at more than 300 km/h with a loose wheel.

    Another team mistake that penalizes Alonso

    Starting in fourteenth position, he had to recover as much as possible in the last laps of the race with a cooler and softer tire than his rivals, finishing tenth and saving 1 point in a race and a grand prix where, like his teammate the As Esteban Ocon’s team showed, the potential of the Alpine on the Spilberg track made us dream of a reward far superior to that obtained. Fernando also dedicated a few moments to analyzing this situation of helplessness that supposes wasting opportunities like this: “The truth is that I think at Silverstone and here were my two best races, we were able to finish fifth there and here tenth”.

    Alonso’s race also gave us shocking images like Yuki Tsunoda’s overtaking, in which Fernando makes a disapproving gesture at the Japanese while carrying out the maneuver, after the Alpha Tauri forced him to put two wheels on the road. ‘grass. Later, the positions exchanged with the McLarens and Haas, where Alonso desperately tried to get rid of Guanyu Zhou. Or the maneuver in extremis on Valteri Bottas on the last lap, thanks to which the Alpine driver managed to get back into the points.

    With this result, Alonso leaves Austria with 29 points, one more than those accumulated after Silverstone, which allows him to retain tenth place in the drivers’ championship. Although we are still awaiting rules from race direction on the pit stop incident and its repercussions.

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