Germany fears the final cut in the supply of the Nord Stream gas pipeline

Germany fears the final cut in the supply of the Nord Stream gas pipeline

The German Minister of Economy and Energy, Robert Habeck, said on Monday that he feared the definitive cut in the supply of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline after the immobilization of his two sons to carry out repairs. “He is hard to say if it will reconnect after its maintenance“, he underlined from Prague.

Nord Stream AG has announced that it will cease from this Monday until July 21 the two lines that transport Russian gas to Germany to carry out “planned prophylactic work”.

Nord Stream 1 transports Russian gas to Germany through two wires that pass under the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 was supposed to be completed but remains frozen by the German government due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia, since the start of the conflict, has cut off the supply of Russian gas to several European countries for refusing to pay the gas price in rubles.

Berlin rules out raising emergency level

The German government has excluded from raising the level of urgency for the moment awaiting the restoration of the flow of Russian gas once the pipeline maintenance work was completed and ensured that the supply is currently guaranteed.

“At the moment, there is no question of declaring the upper level and we cannot speculate on what will happen after the 21st,” said Deputy Economics Spokeswoman Susanne Ungrad, who indicated that once the maintenance work is completed, the gas”It should be flowing steadily again, regardless of the magnitude.”

“Naturally the situation is tense, very serious. We literally watch it every day.”

Russia announced last June two consecutive reductions in gas supplies via the Nord Stream, a first of 40% then another of 33%, which the Russian gas giant Gazprom justified by problems with the technical reviews of the turbines of the German company Siemens which are used in pumping stations.

Canada agrees to send a turbine to Germany

The Canadian government has agreed to send to Germany a turbine that was under repair so as not to have to deliver it directly to Gazprom and thus not violate the sanctions imposed on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine.

German deputy government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann said Berlin has eliminated the argument that Russia would reduce the flow of gas via Nord Stream 1 by agreeing with Canada to supply this turbine, which will now come to Russia.

For his part, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Washington supports Canada’s decisiona measure that “will in the short term allow Germany and other European countries to replenish their gas reserves, increasing their energy security and resilience”.

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