Germany runs out of Russian gas for a few days, but fears the cut will be final

Germany runs out of Russian gas for a few days, but fears the cut will be final

Germany stopped receiving russian gas this Monday for Nord Stream pipelineas planned by the infrastructure manager for his maintenancebut the Berlin authorities fear a permanent cut and warn of an emergency situation if shipments do not resume.

The German government did not want to speculate on what will happen after the day 21the official date when maintenance work should end and the flow of Russian gas be restored, although he acknowledged that the situation was “tense” and “very serious”.

In a regular press conference, Susanne Ungraddeputy spokesman for the Economy, assured that “to date the security of supply is guaranteed” and added that there is no question for the moment of declaring the upper level in the emergency plan gas, which would imply state intervention in the market to regulate the flow.

France assumes that Russia will completely cut off gas supplies to Europe

Since the last day 23 is in force on emergency plan alert level, said then due to dwindling supply from Russia and high prices. The Minister of Economy and Climate, the green Robert Habeck, then underlined that the alert level, according to the regulation of the European Union, is declared when there is an interruption in the supply of gas or an exceptionally high demand that causes a considerable worsening of However, with this declared level, the market is still able to respond to this disruption or demand without the need for non-market based measures.

Algeria will soon review gas prices in new agreements

On March 30, the government declared the early warning phasethe first of the three stages of the gas emergency plan, as a preventive measure then in the face of a possible escalation and a closure of the supply by Russia.

The early warning phase can be followed by the alert level, currently in force, and the level of emergency, although the Economy spokeswoman pointed out that once Nord Stream maintenance tasks are completed, Russian gas “should flow back steadily, regardless of the amount”. However, the spokeswoman acknowledged that in this regard “very different signals” come from Russia, as did Klaus Müller, president of the Federal Network Agency, the network market regulator in Germany, l had done a few hours earlier.

Russia follows through on its threat and cuts off gas to Finland for not paying in rubles

“There are spokespersons for Kremlin who say that in combination with the Siemens turbine much more can be provided again. But there were also very martial statements from the Kremlin. To be honest, nobody knows,” he told public television ZDF.

The gas giant Gazprom precisely cited the problems of the technical revisions of the turbines of the German company Siemens which are used in the pumping stations during the announcement last June of two consecutive reductions in the supply of gas via the Nord Stream, first of 40% then an additional 33%.

Canada agreed to send Germany a turbine that was being repaired so as not to have to deliver it directly to Gazprom and thus not violate the sanctions imposed on Moscow, with which, according to the deputy spokeswoman for the German government , Christiane Hoffman, “in fact, the reason why no more gas should flow is eliminated.” “But there are several scenarios under which we would enter into a gas emergency. That would mean that there would be very little gas,” said Müller, who clarified that “the worst-case scenario is- i.e. if there really is no more gas coming from Russia”, he is “very, very ugly”.

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