How to find cheap diesel and LPG gas stations with your mobile

How to find cheap diesel and LPG gas stations with your mobile

It is not news that the fuel price It has been touching the pockets of consumers for a few months. So any help is welcome. to lower the price exorbitant from petrol, diesel and even LPG. No fuel has managed to escape this escalation in prices.

Beyond the discount of 20 cents granted by the State to reduce the impact of prices, several web pages and apps which allow you to find the cheapest gas stations in each province for save a few euros when filling the tank.

Information can be obtained instantly via the mobile phone, in this case focused on the diesel and LPG prices.

Cheapest petrol stations for refueling diesel

In the particular case of diesel, although it has always had more favorable taxationis the fuel whose price has risen the most in recent months, surpassing gasoline at times.

On several web pages you can find cheapest petrol stations of the neighborhood. In this simple way, without traveling many kilometers, you can save on charging of each deposit:

  • A page where you can very intuitively filter by province, city, type of fuel and the brand of the service station. The results are presented from least expensive to most expensive. The website includes details such as location, address, hours, Date of last update and the price.
  • This official website depends on the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge. It is automatically updated every five minutes with data sent by the various players in the sector. The results, presented on a map, can be filtered by type of establishment, province, municipality, type of fuel, sale, kind of service and label.

The cheapest filling stations for filling up with LPG

The Liquefied petroleum gas (GPL) has also risen in price lately. However, its cost is 50% cheaper than diesel and gasoline.

Moreover, by polluting less and being considered hybrid mechanics, with LPG cars you get the ECO label from the DGT, obtaining all the advantages linked to this environmental label. Likewise, the bifuel cars They have one superior autonomy, which allows them to visit gas stations less often. Between the two tanks (gasoline and LPG) can exceed more than 1,000 kilometers of range.

Many brands already offer versions with this fuel among their ranges. In addition, this technology can also be adapted to used vehicles without involving significant expenditure. As in the diesel, there is also a specific webpage and a spp to find the cheapest petrol stations that serve LPG, as this fuel is not available at all.

  • It is a company dedicated to import, sale and distribution LPG systems for the automotive industry, as well as the conversion of LPG vehicles. Also, they have a section where you can check out what are the gas stations which have LPG (also called Autogas) in each province.
  • LPG Spain. This Android mobile application can be downloaded from Google play. Locate it filling stations with LPG closest to the designated location and provides data such as the price, distance, direction and schedule. The data is updated daily.

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