Japanese police admit flaws in Abe’s security system

Japanese police admit flaws in Abe's security system

The japanese font admitted this Saturday that there was safety device failure displayed in the electoral act the day before it was Assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“Considering such a serious result, We understand that there have been security issues.”Tomoaki Onizuka, the Nara Prefectural Police Chief, said at a press conference, where the attack on the Japanese politician took place as he proposed a rally in the middle of the street.

“We will immediately identify the problem and We will take appropriate action.”the police chief said of Abe’s safety device, which has been criticized for insufficient and to allow the the attacker approached the politician and pull out a gun to shoot him twice by the back.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the headquarters of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party during the Japanese election.

He noted that the problem could have been in “positioning, plan or emergency responseor in the individual capacities of an agent”, factors which will be analyzed with others.

The regional police chief also said they had no “no clue” which indicated the possible attack on the scene, in front of a train station in Nara.

He also explained that the specific deployment for Abe’s rally had been approved by local police on the day before the eventit was when confirmed the presence of the politicianand pointed out that this was done on the basis of national security protocols.

Abe went shot while giving a speech in front of dozens of citizens who surrounded him without any physical barrier or large visible security display despite being one of the country’s best-known politicians.

The security device in these cases is minimal at first glance and in comparison with other countries, because Japan has one of lower crime rates of the developed world.

The protocols of the Japanese authorities for these cases call for the deployment of local police officers and members of the special contingent of the National Security Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Shinzo Abe's bodyguards pounce on assailant after shooting

None of the officers present were able to arrest the assailant in time. Abe, who approached the politician from behind walking slowly before taking his homemade weapon and open fire on him twiceas seen in the images that have gone viral.

The suspect, a former soldier identified as Tetsuya Yamagamihe was immobilized after being fired with his weapon by agents of the aforementioned special service and subsequently arrested.

Onizuka pointed out the “urgent need to clarify the whole matter” through the authorities’ investigation into an event he described as “extremely barbaric and inexcusable”.

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