Javier Aroca blows up Twitter with these 30 seconds in ‘It’s all a lie’

Javier Aroca blows up Twitter with these 30 seconds in 'It's all a lie'

Commentator Javier Aroca causes thousands of retweets and “likes” on Twitter for a scene that lasts only 30 seconds and which he himself starred in the show Cuatro everything is a lie.

All this after learning that the French government intended to take control of 100% of the share capital of the energy company Électricité de France (EDF) with the aim of strengthening the energy independence of the French country.

“The problem here is that they have been selling us a series of energy milongas for years. They told us, for example, that nothing can be done, that Europe prevents everything, not because of the freedom of the market and the potato and the potato”, began by saying Aroca .

And then he used a lot of irony to finish: “And now it turns out that a piece of red and podemita like Mr. Macron is because he decides to nationalize EDF, which is the main electricity company. electricity in France. I am so far with the reds and the podemitas who nationalize the electrical companies in France”.

This moment was captured and uploaded to Twitter by user @remerikos and it immediately started circulating on the social network:

The news was confirmed by French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne during a speech to the National Assembly.

“I confirm today that the State intends to control one hundred percent of the capital of EDF,” Borne said, outlining the priorities of the French government, which currently controls 83.88% of the capital of the electricity company.

The renationalisation of EDF will mean fulfilling one of the promises made during the campaign for its re-election last March by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, who had defended the nationalization of the company to strengthen French energy independence and as a pillar of the strategy. achieve the zero emissions ambition through the construction of new nuclear power plants.

“We will be the first major ecological nation to get out of fossil fuels,” said the French Prime Minister, for whom the climate emergency requires strong and radical decisions.

“We need to have full control of production and our energy future,” Borne added, noting that the pandemic has shown an overreliance on foreign industries. “We can no longer depend on Russian oil and gas,” he added.

Last April, EDF carried out a capital increase of 3,150 million euros, to which the State subscribed some 2,700 million equivalent to its weight in the company, in order to finance the Group’s development operations between 2022 and 2024; strengthen credit rating and access to funding markets; and more generally, to reinforce the financial flexibility of the electricity company.

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