Levi Díaz’s speech, the authentic Eurovision proclamation of Pride 2022: the 13-year-old artist’s important reflection that overshadowed Chanel’s words

Levi Díaz's speech, the authentic Eurovision proclamation of Pride 2022: the 13-year-old artist's important reflection that overshadowed Chanel's words

The festivities of Pride in Madrid They end this Sunday, July 10 and it could not have ended better. The 13 year old artist Levi Diazrepresentative of Spain in Junior Eurovision 2021, gave an important lesson to his country in front of the entire Plaza de España. A proclamation that, by far, exceeded the asymptomatic Chanelazo with which the singer of ‘SloMo’ launched this ‘Mado 2022’.

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Chanel disappointed to read decaffeinated speech, barely looking up several times from the newspaper to check if people were still active or if they had fallen asleep live and left as soon as they were done without singing even a little. But Eurovision Levi came to the closing of the event to raise the level of eurofan this year.

The singer was crowned as the hope of the future LGTBIQ+, as a great reference for future generations: “I’m 13 and I don’t know if you’ll remember, but it’s not easy. At this age you ask yourself a lot of things like who you are, who you want to be and how you want to express it. No, being 13 isn’t easy, but being LGTBIQ+ should be. and yet it is still not“, he began by saying to the expectation of the whole place.

Levi Diaz

“You may think yes, that it’s easier, but that’s because You don’t ask enough of people my ageand. We’re still doing in the yard and it shouldn’t continue. LGBTIphobic bullying continues to be a reality in classrooms, families and on the streets. That’s why it’s important that we are seen and heard, because true pride is visible every day,” Levi continued.

This boy not only managed to bring us to tears in the midst of his proclamation as an ‘Island of Temptations’ contestant during a bonfire, but he also remembered those who lost their lives to of their sexual state:Show yourself as you are without changing a fucking trait of your identity for fear of aggression just like a year ago, Samuel was murdered. But there is also the strength of a generation that is mine and that we are not ready to take a step back. A generation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex, asexual, trans and non-binary adolescents who will not allow anyone to change or question us“, he manages to say visibly excited.

To finish, Levi Díaz elegantly chose a brutal zasca that was heard even in the last capea against the pistachio green formation that occupies the political debate: “I demand that there are protocols in the classrooms against LGTBIphobia and that literature, series and youth films have protagonists with whom we can feel identified. And finally, I wanted to point out a very homophobic comment that has been heard in politics recently saying to take care of ourselves here at Pride. Yes, we will be taken care of, but troglodytes like you”, He ended up winning the applause of all his spectators.

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