Look to the sky: The series “The Lord of the Rings” presents a new trailer

Look to the sky: The series "The Lord of the Rings" presents a new trailer

Less left for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power I have arrived at diffusion, and with it Amazon Prime undertakes one of the great bets in its history. After making a million dollar investment for the rights to JRR Tolkien (which, moreover, determined that she had a very restricted field of work, several centuries from what is related in The Hobbit or yours The Lord of the Rings), power rings will air its first episode on September 2coinciding with the return of another large-scale fantasy saga: Game Of Throneswho at that time created a prequel on HBO, the dragon house.

It’s a formidable competition, but power rings you have the power of the brand, the aforementioned investment and the guarantee of our Bayonne, who directs the first two episodes. Despite the fact that there is very little time left for the premiere of the series on Amazon, for the moment we had only been able to see a trailer which, although spectacular, did not reveal much of the plot. In addition to another advance that had paraded on the platform itself diffusion, available only to Amazon subscribers. This is the advance that the company has just made public, taking the opportunity to announce that this Thursday July 14th another trailer will be released. Maybe the definitive one before launch.

Regarding this second advance, it is true that it does not count much other than what was hinted in the previous trailer or in the images published since, but at least it is mounted with a firm narrative will. Thus, the new advance power rings it revolves around the fall of something similar to a meteorite on Middle-earth. The unidentified flying object traces a downward trajectory to the ground, and during its journey we see how various inhabitants of Middle-earth (some known, such as the Elrond and Galadriel who now interpret Robert Aramayo Yes Morfydd Clark) looks at him with surprise and fascination.

Still from 'The Lord of the Rings'.  power rings

It enters into speculation what this meteorite brings with it, but other than that the outline that the plot of power ringssuch as the Forge of the Rings, the fall of Númenor, the first war against Sauron, and the last alliance of men and elves. power rings has already been preemptively renewed for a second installment, and apparently the plan of its showrunners (JD Payne Yes patrick mckay) spans a total of five seasons.

You can see the new trailer below these lines.

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