Mad Cool returns after three very long years

Mad Cool returns after three very long years

Day 1: Metallica, lots of British pop and the breakup of two strangers.

It’s my first time and I can’t wait to be there. I’ve never been to a festival and what better way to start than thecrazy cool, who returns after three years of pandemic subsection. You can see a lot of desire in the audience; It arrives soon and with desire to consume. In the first hours, it’s chaos with the official application, which the organization has created to manage payments within the room. I suspect that’s their strategy to keep a Rinconetes and Cortadillos stand from getting them in trouble, but it didn’t work all day.

Before Metallic there are several groups, some better than others. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes sound great, playing very distorted but fine all-British rock-pop; somewhat reminiscent of White Stripes. Several hundred fans, mostly expats from the islands, appreciate his heavy guitars and a very capable drummer. The day was very English, with Placebo, Yungblud and Wolf Alice as the biggest representatives.

What the public came to see began at a quarter to ten, with the sun already more outside than inside. Metallica is one of those bands that doesn’t need introductions and cliches, they introduce themselves with “Enter Sandman”, which sounds surprisingly good even 100 meters from the stage. His show is all about power and electricity; I, who had never seen them before, am surprised by the weight that Kirk Hammett’s guitar has in all the songs, whether with solos or ‘riffs’, those rhythmic patterns which are the vade-mecum of heavy metal. james

s Hetfield and his voice, sometimes scratchy, sometimes guttural, sound like a cast. His experience makes him dominate the scene and manages to communicate almost personally with the 80,000 to 100,000 people What should there be between us? A sea of ​​heads and raised hands separates us, but I feel it here, in my eardrum.

The classics are the classics and they will never fail. They play ‘Nothing Else Matters’, ‘Whiskey in the Jar’, ‘Seek and Destroy’… the crowd celebrates them as a goal in 92’.

“Sad but true” another good song, sounds halfway through the concert and makes it clear that we are dealing with great musicians. Their roots are blues (like almost all popular music) but they’re one of those rebellious kids that Led Zeppelin sounded like a sweet band. Through the drums, a huge bass and the twist they give to the rhythms, the true avant-garde of the genre, they invented a much wilder and more spectacular style that sounds great on record and shines live.

I decide to take a walk to see what’s cooking. I leave Hammett for another mile alone and head for the bathroom. Along the way I listen to “It’s raining men” and I see a great party set up at the Vibra Mahou stand. A slender figure reaches for a lighter while moving her hips; He handles the blender and his graying hair flies free. He is Mario Vaquerizothe blondest in Nancy, a fine example of the diversity offered by Mad Cool: there’s something for everyone here.

I go back to Metallica until the end. “One” and “Master of puppets”, with fireworks as a gift, put the icing on the cake for a round performance from the Americans. The opening ends with Twenty one pilots, very funny.

It is already pitch dark. It’s refreshing and I need a little cardigan. Mario is still a DJ (“In the Navy”) and has undone two more buttons on his shirt. The procession of staggering drunks begins and a couple of strangers burst into tears. “What are you doing here if you don’t trust me?” She shuts up and blows her nose, and I feel like there’s something more behind that question. An uncomfortable truth he doesn’t recognize, perhaps a broken heart from the past. They separate, she cries. A few meters away, two men are sucking each other’s souls in a movie kiss and I think: “How terribly absurd to be alive”.

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