María Patiño assures that Marta López, girlfriend of Kiko Matamoros, wanted to report her for harassment

Patiño se ha mostrado muy enfada con el programa

Kiko Matamoros is back Save me after participating in Survivors 2022. Something the program announced in style as he took on all those who criticized him during his time in Honduras.

The first problem he had to face was the absence of his girlfriend, Marta López Álamo, on the set of Save me. It was only one day and she ended up leaving because, according to her, they had prepared a trap for her. The influencer She went to talk only about her boyfriend’s pageant and they ended up asking her about Kiko’s private life.

Kiko Matamoros is back in

Kiko Matamoros is back in “Save me”


Since then, Marta’s relationship with the program has been very strained. The few interventions she made were by video call and some collaborators were very critical of her role as official defender of Matamoros.

The tension between model and program was such that María Patiño made a confession that surprised more than one. “She goes to a director and says ‘what you are doing with me has no shame, I want to report María Patiño for harassment’,” the presenter said of López Álamo.

Patiño was indignant at the threats

Patiño was indignant at the threats


Patiño said that during a live broadcast he mentioned the names of several competitors of survivors who deserved to go to the final, among which he included Matamoros. Before which López said in a low voice “for you Kiko, no”. Patiño answered him live, raising his voice, he said “that’s enough”.

This was interpreted by Marta López as harassment and she considered reporting it. Matamoros contradicted his partner on this occasion. He had to admit that this episode was not worthy of a harassment complaint, he justified his partner by saying that it had all been a misunderstanding.

unresolved tensions

The conflict between Marta López and ‘Sálvame’

Although Kiko had unfinished business, the subject of his girlfriend took up a large part of the program. The talk show host wanted to clarify this issue, because his partner had an open conflict with the program where he works during his absence.

Martha is influencer and he always said he wanted to stay out of the world of the heart. But having to defend Kiko, he went to the set of Save me. According to her, the only condition she had set was that they not discuss subjects that had nothing to do with survivors.

Marta López Álamo leaves the set of 'Sálvame':

Marta López Álamo leaves the set of ‘Sálvame’: “I don’t like being trapped”

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Something they didn’t do. They told him about the children of Kiko Matamoros and asked him about his relationship with them, they also asked him about Makoke, ex-Matamoros. She didn’t answer and seemed more and more annoyed, until she got up and left the program.

Matamoros said on Monday that he was disappointed with some people in the direction of the program, without saying anything. He did not go further on the subject and limited himself to chatting with Lydia Lozano, since she was supposed to be aware of the “closure” of his girlfriend.

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