Nacho Palau reveals the name of his partner with whom he has shared his life for a year in ‘Survivors 2022’

Nacho Palau reveals the name of his partner with whom he has shared his life for a year in 'Survivors 2022'

It was one of the most anticipated emotional bridges of this edition of Survivors 2022. Nacho Palau He faced this emotional ordeal with great enthusiasm and left everyone speechless when at the end of this bridge he opened up revealing he had a partner. “What does the word LOVE mean to you right now?” Lara asked. A moment when Nacho caught his breath and It opened like never before and in a totally unexpected way.

“In fact it is a word: Christian. A person who has been with me for a year, an angel, a guy who took me who has endured a lot and whom I take advantage of to give him his place and tell him that I am immensely grateful for all he does for me and my family and without him this would not have happened. I love it, I love it very much and I hope to last many more years with him if possible”, said Nacho, unable to contain his emotion.

Nacho’s nephew, who was on the set, also wanted to praise his uncle’s attitude towards make your partner’s name public and also the fact of saying that he is in a relationship.

Nacho Palau during the Bridge of Emotions

Nacho Palau during the Bridge of Emotions.


Nacho Palau’s Bridge of Emotions in full


“The dearest and most desired thing for Miguel and for me. We spent many years preparing it and wanting to be parents and everything was resolved so that we both became parents and today it is the best. I have four wonderful children, we have, of whom I am very proud they were very wanted children, they were children who came into the world very happy, a very happy family, very happy and I want that you know that let my kids know too if tomorrow they see this they were and we were very happy and they are loved and loved madly Both fathers and both families They have been a blessing to we.


Look at the design on my t-shirt, they’re separate. It was the worst, the most difficult, the children weren’t guilty of anything, they didn’t understand, surely the adults didn’t understand either. Everything collapses, hatred appears and horrible things that even four children finally cannot avoid. The separation from the family was the most traumatic and painful. Separating from your children, not knowing how to explain to them… very hard. Horrible”.

Nacho Palau with his child's shirt.

Nacho Palau with his child’s shirt.



“All the resentment in the world for not understanding how we got to this situationa separation that I did not feel proper to my hand, I waited for more help from Miguel who always pushed me more in many things and I lost itI lost Miguel and my children. Yes a lot of pain, a lot of anger and a lot of resentment towards our suffering and that of our loved ones and immense helplessness. I also feel guilty, at the beginning I had all the resentment towards Miguel, I love Miguel very much, he is the father of my children and he always will be, I still love him very muchtomorrow i would give him half of my heart if i could give it to him, we are both responsible for our four children, we did not father them but they are part of us, i love my four children equally . I hope that what little resentment remains dissipates and that we can share a life, laugh, remember the people we have lost.people we’ve lived and loved with, I don’t think I’ll ever have such a relationship with anyone.


Lots of guilt. My fault. I feel guilty…it’s something you learn during these years apart…I feel very guilty and I feel the need to say that it’s not only towards Miguel, it’s towards me. In a relationship there are two of us to blame and with that guilt apologizing for everything that happened, for the pain inflicted on my children, my ex-partner and my family and trying to take it away, pass it on and to leave it behind and share it, I feel very guilty and very responsible and I need to leave it behind to continue to live with dignity with my children and my loved ones”.

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