Orange plans accelerated investment in fiber and 5G after merger with MásMóvil »Galicia

Orange plans accelerated investment in fiber and 5G after merger with MásMóvil »Galicia

Caution from the CEO of Orange SpainJean François-Fallacher, who spoke this Wednesday at the 2002 Summit organized by the employers’ association DigitalEs without revealing the dates of the merger agreement with MoreMobile nor the internal aspects of the negotiation, which should be completed this summer. The manager stressed the “complementarity” of the two companies and the desire of both parties to reach an agreement, but stressed that this was a complexity due to the size of the two operators, whose union would constitute the second largest telecom in Spain with 24 million mobile customers Yes seven million fiber customers.

Once the agreement is concluded, the merger will still have to wait for the authorization of the Spanish and European authorities of an operation that will give another turning point in the trajectory of the Galician cable company R, after its sale to Euskaltel and the success of the takeover bid on the Basque operator of the group he leads Meinrad Spenger.

muscle to invest

Fallacher defended the merger, which is expected to change the configuration of the telecommunications market with the dominance of two major operators. For the president of Orange Spain, it is necessary gain “muscle” and sufficient “dimension” to undertake large network investments, fiber and 5G, which will benefit businesses and customers. “The rapprochement of the two companies will allow a higher investment flow to what each company would carry out individually,” assured the manager, who defended the creation of large groups across Europe and even the Europeans will benefit from the operation since Spain is a very touristy country.

He also assured that groups have a large complementarity of products, services but also brands, despite the fact that MásMóvil was considering reducing its own portfolio due to the high number of banners it operates with. This compatibility, he estimated, will make it possible to offer a competitive product bouquet in all segments as the second major operator, expressly citing television offers prime and alluding without naming it to competition with Telefónica.

Let Google and Facebook pay

In this sense, the CEO of Orange in Spain reiterated that the merger will not reduce competition but will increase it, highlighting the capacity it will have after the union with MásMóvil for infrastructure development.

In this regard, Fallacher criticized the current regulations for requiring one that holds digital giants, such as Facebook That is Googleto contribute to the maintenance of the networks, since they are responsible for half of the traffic.

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