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The Add Friends and Incense bugs have been a frustrating issue for gamers. Pokemon GO the last months. Not only did they prevent us from using these tools, but they also blocked our progress on special research tasks.

These tasks are often loaded with lots of rewards, so it’s no surprise that players are thrilled that they can’t complete them. For this reason, these errors have become one of the priorities of the developer of Pokemon GO.

The Incense and Bait Module Bug in Pokémon GO

In March 2022 Niantic Made some changes to Incense, changing the total duration of the effect, as well as the number of Pokemon per minute. Many of them did not agree with this change, but the worst thing was that the update brought a bug that affected this essential tool of Pokemon GO.

The bug is that Pokémon attracted by Incense or Lure Modules simply disappear after a few seconds. In this way, the players concerned waste their tools, which are generally difficult to obtain and even paid in some cases.

Trainers have complained loudly on social media, reporting the issue and claiming to have lost several Incense due to low Pokemon counts. Some they even ask the company to replenish the incense used in Pokémon GO while this bug is still active.

One solution players had to resort to was changing the Pokémon GO settings, which temporarily fixed the error in some cases, although it didn’t work for all.

The Add Friends bug in Pokémon GO

As mentioned earlier, the Add Friends feature is required to perform special research tasks. These usually bring many rewards, usually divided into phases, so it is necessary to complete all the tasks in one phase to progress to the next.

For this reason, the Add Friends bug has been a constant inconvenience for players. Pokemon GO. The bug prevents friends added for search tasks from being counted, no matter how many times we restart the app or if we reinstall it.

Luckily, there are no Add Friends tasks for Field Notes: Team GO Rocket Research, but there are for the Friendship Challenge Special Research and July Research tasks. . However, you will still be able to have the ability to accomplish these tasks thanks to the actions of the company behind Pokemon GO.

Niantic apologizes for the inconvenience caused

Niantic recently started sending messages to players from Pokemon GO apologize for this mistake.

hi coach,

We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this frustrating bug. I would like you to overcome some things:

1. We have solved this task and all other “add a friend” tasks you currently have active so that you can continue with your special research task. Try reloading the Pokémon GO application and resume your investigations; you should now see that we are performing your “add friends” tasks for you. If it still does not show that the tasks have been completed, please wait for an hour.

2. This issue will be completely fixed in our .243 release which is coming very soon. We’ll make an announcement via Twitter, Facebook, and our Known Bugs page when the update is available. We warn you that you may encounter this bug again until our .243 version arrives.

The company has made a public announcement that it is working on this fix. He also added that tasks were completed automatically for “most players” of Pokemon GO:

Bugs with adding friends and incense in Pokémon GO are fixed

Finally, in a new post on the official Pokémon GO support blog, Niantic has confirmed that it has already fixed these annoying bugs and that the changes will apply in version 243.

Here are the bugs fixed:

  • The “Add X Friends” task does not complete even after adding the required number of friends.
    • Description: After adding friends to complete tasks such as “Add 3 Friends” for Special Research Tasks, the task is not marked as complete and Trainers cannot progress through Special Research Tasks.
    • Bug Status: Fixed in next .243 release. The task will only start progressing once the coaches are upgraded to .243, so any number of friends added will not count towards the task.
  • Some Pokémon that appear due to Lures and Incense cannot be found.
    • Description: Some Pokémon that spawn from Incense or Lures disappear immediately after hitting them.
    • Bug status: fixed.

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