Rafa Nadal sets a date for his return to the slopes: there is still time before the US Open

Rafa Nadal sets a date for his return to the slopes: there is still time before the US Open

Rafael Nadal received a serious warning (another) from his body: pushes the limit. The Balearic tennis player saw how a 7 millimeter abdominal tear prevented him from participating in the semi-finals Wimbledon vs. Nick Kyrgios for pushing too hard in his quarter-final match against Taylor Fritzso now he will have to spend a period of absolute rest until he recovers.

This period and the extent of the injury was confirmed by the doctor Angel Luis Cotorror, one of his trusted men. The doctor, the tennis player’s personal physician and one of the leading experts in sports injuries, subjected him to various tests in Barcelona, ​​where Nadal spent a few hours before returning home to Manacor.

Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon.

There, he explained what his next steps will be. “Recovery is simple: I’m going to do the tests to confirm everything, even if it was already there. But I have my trusted team here, to finish analyzing the whole situation a bit,” he said. explained to the media in El Prat. airport they asked him. Basically, this moment of injury does not fall at a critical moment. “A little rest will come”, he admitted, although he felt somewhat disappointed. “It’s better to lose than to get injured, because when you lose you leave the next day and you can train,” he said.

“What hurts, basically, is that I was not able to compete in a privileged situation, like the one I was in, playing well and in the semi-finals of a very important tournament. In the end , there is no choice but to look forward, as always, accept things as they come and have a kind of positive attitude and adequate,” he resigned himself.

Nadal is clear he can’t force it, which is why he will go a few days without picking up the racket. “Concerning the recovery, a priori, as we stopped in time, in theory, I could come back in three or four weeks. In the problem, which is a fiber break, where it is, it does not allow me to serve, but in a relatively short time it will allow me to train from the baseline without too many problems “, he said. optimistic.

Rafael Nadal laments.

The North American tour, on the horizon.

These three or four weeks place the Montreal Masters 1000between August 7 and 14, and Cincinnati (August 14-21) as possible dates for returning to the tennis courts, with the big goal of U.S. Openwhich takes place between August 29 and September 11.

Depending on how you feel, win or think about your injury, you will decide whether you will be in the group stage of the Davis Cup with Spain, which will be played in Valencia in mid-September, or later in the Cup of the tank with the European team.

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