Rafa Nadal withdraws from Wimbledon: ‘It’s the best decision for me and for my future’

Rafa Nadal withdraws from Wimbledon: 'It's the best decision for me and for my future'

Rafael Nadal brought together the media present at Wimbledon to give you an update on his health ahead of his semi-final match on Friday against the Australian Nick Kyrgios.

As advanced by the Time, Rafa Nadal made this call to announce his withdrawal from the 2022 edition of Wimbledon and therefore Nick Kyrgios will go directly to the final on Sunday.

After the physical discomfort suffered throughout the quarter-final match against Taylor Fritz, Rafa Nadal underwent a series of tests which revealed that suffers from a seven millimeter abdominal fissure.

Nadal entered the room where the media were waiting for him, visibly touched by the news he was about to announce and looking down. “I don’t want to go in and out without playing at the level I need“began the Balearic tennis player, after confirming what was already known.”Chances are things will get worse. Some time ago I saw my career very complicated because of a foot injury, there are dangerous things that can stop my career.

The Manacor tennis player insisted the decision to withdraw from Wimbledon was well thought out and was taken with an eye to the immediate future. “I can’t risk more and spend 2-3 months off the courts. It’s very hard for me. It’s my decision, I have to live with it. I am very sad”.

Rafa Nadal suffered from abdominal problems during his match against Fritz.

“I retire by logic, even if it cost me. I made this decision because the rupture at the level of the abdomen presents a significant risk of aggravation. I have come to the conclusion that it only serves me to win the tournament and, in the conditions in which I am, it is practically impossible to do so”, added a Nadal with very clear ideas.

Rafa Nadal was quick to analyze when the injury became serious enough to leave the British Grand Slam. “I didn’t want to give up in the middle of the quarter-final and that’s why I held on yesterdayNadal confessed: “I found a way to finish the game and I’m proud, but once it was over I thought about the decision and it’s the best for me and for my future.”

The discomfort appeared last week and was brought under control. I did several tests during the week to see how the injury was progressing, but yesterday it was already very complicated,” explained the Spaniard.The problem got worse. I’ll be away for two or three weeks“.

Despite everything, Rafa Nadal’s intention is to continue his roadmap for this season, even if he doesn’t deny that the permanent withdrawal is still planned. “The possibility of retiring remains in my mind”.

assured the tennis player. “I will continue to train to see if I can continue with the program I have in mind.”

I’m not happy, obviously, but tomorrow I’ll see everything differently. I’m usually a person who looks at the good and the bad and looks at the balance,” concluded the Spanish player. “I can’t complain because I enjoyed everything I could and it didn’t is not the time to complain. It bothers a lot because it’s a temporary injury and it requires you to follow a schedule. But you can only take things as they come.”

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