Ramírez-Laporta de Moleiro summit: it will be this Monday in Barcelona

Ramírez-Laporta de Moleiro summit: it will be this Monday in Barcelona

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There are other clubs that put in more money than Barcelona, ​​but the meeting between presidents can give the Barça club an advantage

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The president of the UD, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, plans to meet this Monday Joan Laporta, his FC Barcelona counterpart, with a priority name on the board:
Alberto Moleiro.

As CANARIAS7 reported in its edition this Sunday, Ramírez traveled to Barcelona with the aim, among other things, of checking if the transfer of the striker from Tenerife to the Barça club can be completed. There is an indisputable Barca interest in Moleiro, as has been confirmed, although now it’s about what really matters and commands: money.

UD recently renewed Moleiro until 2026 and imposed a dissuasive termination clause: 30 million euros in the second division, that is to say now, and the double (60) in the first division. These figures give the entity a position of strength even if, in tune with the actor, it will not claim the full amount of its federative freedom either, since there is a predisposition to negotiate from amounts that are from 50%. From 15 million and with percentages and subsequent capital gains depending on performance and achievements, as was done with Pedri in 2019.

Ramírez confirmed to this newspaper that
“Barcelona want Moleiro” even if “he is not the only one” and, in fact, there are other clubs “who remain in the bid” even with higher proposals, both in the amount of their proposal and in the terms of payment. Milan and Manchester City remain on the lookout for events, knowing that Moleiro’s will is to go to Barça and that the Ramírez-Laporta game can give Barça an advantage. However, Barcelona’s well-known financial problems, while waiting to activate various levers, after having ceded percentages of its audiovisual rights to gain cash, can work against it.

Other frames

Laporta could be accompanied by Mateu Alemany, director of football of Barça and who is the executing arm of all operations. Its presence, if it occurred, would be symptomatic.
The one who won’t be present is Luis Helguera, also moved to Barcelona but who, according to Ramírez, is no longer in Catalonia ‘to take care of other fronts’ linked to the planning of next season.

From then on, Ramírez will be the only interlocutor of the UD in a conclave which can unleash everything depending on what Barça can offer and which, according to reliable sources, must increase its proposal. A fix that would not go below 15 million and several bonuses would be the key. Therefore, they want to check in person Barca’s level of interest in a Moleiro who looks like few others in the showcase despite only racking up one season as a professional and in the second division. .

Meanwhile, at UD, they await events with the peace of mind of knowing that the homework has been done regarding Moleiro’s armor and that the timelines for its eventual sale will not be marked by third parties:
whether he is transferred now, in two months or at the end of the campaign will depend solely and exclusively on his own will. “There is no rush with Moleiro. What has to happen will happen when it has to happen,” insists Ramírez.

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