Ramón García explodes in front of a spectator: “Go take the c…”

Ramón García y Gloria Santoro/ CCM/ Twitter

Making random phone calls during a live TV show takes a lot of skill from TV hosts. Sometimes these phone calls are not well received by the anonymous person on the other end of the line, which Ramón García and Gloria Santoro experienced firsthand in the show ‘In company’ of the regional channel of Castilla-La stain.

Ramón García exploded during the phone call in a Castilla-La Mancha program

The experienced entertainer got carried away and exploded during the phone call he had with a lady in an attempt to give her a ham. Ramón García was about to raffle the famous ham from the show and randomly called Ciudad Real hoping to receive the correct answer (Ramón give me the ham), which did not happen.

Ramón Garcia and Gloria Santoro/ CCM/ Twitter
Ramón Garcia and Gloria Santoro/ CCM/ Twitter

After identifying herself and replacing the reason for her call, the Ciudad Real resident who picked up the phone showed in a dry, distant tone: “Leave me nonsense.” Ramón García and Gloria Santoro even believed for a moment that the lady had hung up and the show’s co-host reminded her that the call “is not absurd”.

However, and despite attempts to redirect the conversation, the lady continued in her position and sent a powerful message to the presenters of ‘In company’. “Dude, go get some fresh wind,” he told the woman, abruptly cutting off the call with the program.

Ramón García: “I’m tired of rude people”

After experiencing this unpleasant situation, Ramón García himself asked to contact this woman again to make her understand that the call was not a joke. “Ma’am, don’t hang up, this is not a joke, it’s us on TV”, launched the well-known host. However, he came up against the disinterest of this woman who did not hesitate to declare that “I don’t care”, and added that “I am not interested in this nonsense”.

It was the moment when Ramón García showed his monumental anger at the attitude of his interlocutor and exploded. Goodbye Madam, good afternoon. What rude people there are. There are rude people, man. How disgusting, how rude people,” the presenter said. But the thing did not end there, but Ramón García went on to indicate that “there are people who are missing, damn it. With all my respect and love. Screw you.”

His partner, Gloria Santoro, tried to calm things down after Ramón García’s intense and unexpected remarks. “Maybe he had a bad day,” the presenter said.

However, Ramón García was candid: “I don’t care. I’m sick of rude people.” In this way, he indicated that “if people are educated, we are educated. And if they are rude, so are we.”

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