Raquel Mosquera is lying: the real reason why Rocío Carrasco paid her 24,000 euros

Raquel Mosquera is lying: the real reason why Rocío Carrasco paid her 24,000 euros

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Rocío Carrasco showed in the fourth chapter of ‘In the name of Rocío’ that the explanations given by Raquel Mosquera over the years are wrong

Looking at the television interventions of Raquel Mosquera, one would think that in the distribution of Pedro Carrasco’s legacy, the hairdresser suffered financial damage in relation to the athlete’s daughter, Rocío Carrasco. In fact, Mosquera herself was trying to make it clear that Carrasco ended up paying her 24,000 euros years after the boxer’s death to make up for mistakes made in the distribution. Something that now Rocío Carrasco, after years of silence, showed in the last episode of ‘In the name of Rocío’, is far from reality.

While Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac were organizing the last gala that Rocío Jurado was going to do, the singer’s daughter received a lawsuit from Raquel Mosquera. The reason? To demand an economic sum from him for not having been able to enjoy the full time of the usufruct that corresponded to him on the apartment on Paseo de la Habana in which he had lived with Pedro Carrasco. “I learn that he has a new relationship and that he has bought a chalet”, explains Rocío Carrasco in the documentary. “I learn that she no longer lives in the Paseo de la Habana apartment and I learn that she rented it at a higher price than the usufruct costs corresponded to.”

Faced with this fact, Rocío Carrasco gets in touch with whom she must contact to ask Raquel Mosquera to leave the house where she lived with her father. “If she is already with a partner, she already has her house, she does not stay in the street, she can leave the apartment”, specifies Carrasco. “She is suing me asking for money to leave this apartment because she still had two years to enjoy the usufruct.” A fact that coincides with the months after Rocío Jurado publicly announced that she had cancer.

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Rocío Carrasco, very moved at the memory of the death of his father


“I was, apart from what I was wearing, in a horrible situation, my mother’s illness, I did not have the strength to… It becomes today and Raquel Mosquea the rooster sings a totally different song” , specifies Rocío Carrasco . “At that time I accepted and to avoid a trial and not fight, because I had no strength, I gave him 24,000 euros.” A gesture that shows that the good intention of Rocío Carrasco with whom was his father’s wife. And a gesture of which Mosquera takes advantage some time later to insinuate that the distribution of the inheritance was made in an erroneous way despite the document -that Carrasco shows in the docuseries- where the reason for the payment of said amount is perfectly specified.

“He has the malice of evil”

“Whoever believes that Raquel Mosquera is really what she seems to be, good, frank, innocent, is very wrong. Raquel Mosquera does not have silly hair. It’s bad but it’s not silly. And she is intelligent but not intelligent “, judges Rocío Carraco. “He has the malice of evil.” The daughter of Rocío Jurado does not forgive everything Mosquera has done to her since the death of her father and she knows very well where everything comes from. come.

“She didn’t stop having a relationship with him,” says Rocío Carrasco after seeing images of Antonio David with Raquel Mosquera in “Crónicas marcianas”. “They go together and are united in such a way that they’re taking legal action against me in parallel. She gives me that action and he gives me the third modification of the regulatory agreement. Everything is orchestrated in parallel. They were playing both to sink the fleet with me”.

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