Remove Watermark From Photos With These Free Websites

Remove Watermark From Photos With These Free Websites

If we want to remove the watermarks we can do it with Photoshop or we can do it with specialized pages, although the quality of the image that we will obtain will be lower than using it with professional editing tools.

What should we consider

A watermark, something you’ll already know if you’ve gotten this far, is text or an image we add to our photographs or designs to protect them in case someone steals them or remembers our authorship. We can add them with specialized websites and programs or we can do it from Photoshop. But if you are going to delete them, as we will explain to you in the next paragraphs, you must take into account the risks and the problems…

It is important that you keep in mind that removing a watermark is not the best idea you can have because the photographs belong to their author and distribute them without your consent and without a watermark can be considered a crime, so we do not recommend removing watermarks. Yes it can be interesting you made a photo with a watermark that you don’t like anymore and you are the author and you want to modify the final result.

Websites to Remove Marks

There are a number of websites that we can consider if we want remove watermarks from photos or videos and that they are completely free and work automatically. While you can do this manually in Photoshop with the lasso or bitwise clone brush, you can also do it with specialized pages in which to download the content and have the immediate result.

watermark remover

One of the best tools or websites to remove watermarks is Watermark Remover. It is an online tool from Apowersoft very easy and simple to use. It is based on blurring and smoothing so that a watermark is no longer visible on any image. Upon entering the web, we choose what we want to remove: image watermarks or remove video watermarks.

When opening the web, we choose whether we want images or video watermarks. In the case of image watermarks, the compatible formats are jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, tif and tiff. In the case of removing video watermarks, the supported formats are mp4, mkv, flw, mov, wmv, webm, 3gp, rmv, avi, asf, mpeg, mpg, ts, and mts. You upload the video or photo and we will automatically see a bnar with the process and finally the resulting image or video. When we have it with the expected result, we download it again to our computer or mobile phone.

Watermark remover, Logo remover
Watermark remover, Logo remover

We can use it as a web page, but we can also use it from the downloadable app from its own web page for computers in executable file format or through the iOS and Android application stores where we will find the application for mobile phones and tablets.


photo effects

Photo Effects is another website where you can remove watermarks online in just a few steps. This works very similarly to the previous recommendation, as it suffices with access the page, upload the photo and select the area where the watermark is placed. The only downside of Photo Effects is that it is a web full of advertising and interface it’s much more boring than others on this list. Even so, the process is simple and you just have to go to the center of the page to find the “Upload my photo” button and attach the image we are interested in to remove the watermark. In addition, another advantage is that the website is completely in Spanish, so we have no problems when carrying out the process.

Once you have marked the watermark on the image you have just downloaded, click on delete and you will have the image ready to download the result. Keep in mind that the quality of the result is not always good, as it largely depends on the image itself.



HitPaw is another of the websites that we can use to remove professional watermarks in terms of photo or video editing is HitPaw. It’s easy and we can use it online or we can download it on Windows to use it on the desktop. From the web version we can edit online with the tool to remove watermarks although HitPaw has other functions like remove backgrounds, compress videos, cut videos, add music…

It works the same as the previous ones, just upload the file, select the watermark, click delete and upload the result.

Of course, we have to keep in mind that HitPaw is not a website for remove watermarks from photos and videos but a webpage designed to remove the watermark exclusively from a video, it is not compatible with photos. If it’s photographs, you should use one of the alternative tools or keep reading to learn how to remove watermark with Photopea, a Photoshop clone.


Online photo editors

It is much more complex to remove a watermark with Photoshop than with websites that do it automatically, but it is also more precise and we can achieve a much more professional effect than using previous websites. If we don’t want to install anything, we can use Photopea, a site similar to Photoshop and a online clone for which we have nothing to download

photopea what is it

We simply open Photopea in our browser and upload the image from which we want to remove the watermark. It will depend on the photo that it will cost us more or less to eliminate it, but we can use photopea lasso to select text (or the magic wand) and we’ll select the entire watermark. When we have done this, we go to “Edit” in the top menu and we go to “Fill” where we can choose to have the content filled “according to the content”, in addition to adjusting the opacity. Once the process is complete, we will see a result similar to the image below.


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