Ricky Martin Defends Himself Against Domestic Abuse Accusations: ‘I Will Face The Process With The Responsibility That Is Characterized By’

Ricky Martin Defends Himself Against Domestic Abuse Accusations: 'I Will Face The Process With The Responsibility That Is Characterized By'

Two days after Ricky Martin received a restraining order issued in Puerto Rico for domestic violence, the singer of Living the crazy life He broke his silence to defend himself against the charges. “The protective order filed against me is based on totally false allegations, so I will face the process with the responsibility that characterizes me,” the artist wrote on his Twitter account, in English and Spanish, for his more of 20 million followers. “Because this is an ongoing legal case, I cannot make any particular expressions,” he added in the post, which ended with thanks for the samples of affection and of solidarity received.

Last Saturday, July 2, the Puerto Rico police confirmed to the EFE agency that they were in the process of obtaining a restraining order against the artist for a complaint of domestic violence under Law 54, which protects victims on the Caribbean island of harassment or abuse.

The response from the legal team of the 50-year-old Puerto Rican singer was quick to arrive, which clarified that the allegations made by the plaintiff, whose identity was unknown – since it was a case in under the law for the prevention and intervention with domestic violence was “completely wrong”. “We are confident that when the true facts are revealed in this matter, our client will be fully vindicated,” the statement added.

After the news spread like wildfire, Ricky Martin stood up for himself with this brief message, but he wasn’t the only one in his family to speak out. According to the Puerto Rican newspaper the spokespersonyesHis brother, Eric Martin, also wanted to break his silence and defend the artist from accusations of domestic violence.

Martin’s brother explains in a video posted on his Facebook account on Sunday July 3, which lasts 42 minutes, that it was a nephew “with mental problems” who filed a complaint against the interpreter of The Cup of Life. In the same post titled “Let’s put it all in context. So that the press does not continue to make ashes of the fallen tree”, and which already accumulates 24,000 reproductions and nearly 400 comments, Eric attacks the press, the police and the media who have speculated on the identity of the plaintiff, going so far as to publish that he was a former lover with whom he was linked “for seven months and they separated two years ago”, data which appeared in the documents presented for the complaint and later collected by the newspaper the spokesperson.

In addition to defending the principle of innocence and declaring himself in favor of justice, Eric Martin calls in the video that the government of Puerto Rico strengthen its mental health and rehabilitation programs. “If someone made a mistake here they should be penalized, but more importantly they should be reinstated. Not because he’s my brother… Society is extremely damaged,” he laments. Finally, Martin’s brother sent a direct message to his nephew: “Dad, you know how much we loved you. You know how you got away from us. You know the mental problems you have. Right now I’m calling you on your phone and you don’t have that phone anymore. I’m blocked by Facebook. I haven’t found you on Facebook for a long time.

Let’s put it all in context. So that the press does not continue to make ashes from the fallen tree.

Posted by Eric Martin Ifbb on Sunday, July 3, 2022

Enrique Martín Morales, better known as Ricky Martin, has been married since 2017 to Swedish artist of Syrian origin Jwan Josef, with whom he has four surrogate children: twins Valentino and Matteo, Lucia and Renn. This complaint is not the only one the singer is currently facing. The restraining order and domestic violence complaint came the same week the artist received a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles (US) by his former manager Rebecca Drucker, who worked with the singer between 2014 and 2022, for which requires the payment of 2.9 million euros in unpaid commissions. The restraining order, issued by Judge Raiza Cajigas Campbell, summoned the parties to a hearing in the Municipal Courtroom of the San Juan Court on July 21, when the validity of the order expires, as published the spokesperson.

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