Rigoberta Bandini’s summer evening at the Cruïlla festival

Rigoberta Bandini's summer evening at the Cruïlla festival

Cruïlla is an unusual case, the party which is the same as it changes skin, as if it were costumes by Mortadelo or paintings by the same painter from different periods. If Wednesday the youth occupied the front of the stage, Friday, the first with the festival running at full speed, it was common to see people who took a hundred precautions and 13 supports to sit down before putting their buttocks on the ground. There was nostalgia between Duran Duran and rock and blues with Jack White, we talked about great things that explained the festival’s change of skin, but the most amazing thing was to see that Rigoberta Bandini had no brakes. Present in all the summer festivals, whatever the type, in Cruïlla, where he did not perform on the main stage, he obtained the highest number of spectators of the day in a new example of his flirt. As things stand, Rigoberta would even triumph in Bayreuth.

The success, like the autopsies, is easily explained once the events have taken place and Rigoberta has hit the nail on the head at a time when the woman raises her voice. She did it with humour, ingenuity and a celebratory self-assurance with no other pretension than to imitate a summer party. If it was summer and it was a festival, there was the crowd singing this is how i dancedher latest single, a female response to the Vettonic song by Los Payasos de la Tele The days of the week. With them the girls ironed, cooked, sewed and other practical girls from the women’s section and social service, while with the bandini they dance, shake their asses doing twerking and they show their breasts, as their singer did in the famous Ouch mom. Women who affirm their right to party on a stage watched by women to whom nothing should be given because they are already capable of taking what they want.

The British pop group Duran Duran during their performance.
The British pop group Duran Duran during their performance.Marta Perez (EFE)

Compared to this concert, Duran Duran’s 80s nostalgia was previously a trip down memory lane guided by a cicerone on autopilot. Simon Le Bon, a white blazer with a beach flirt, silver pants that even Elton John does not wear to sing The Rocket Manled this excursion full of shots. His voice, beaten, sounded more like a howl, although the memory of wild boys, hungry like a wolf, The reflex That is girls on film it imposed itself in a concert where what counted was precisely the memory. And the amazing thing, whether it’s because of the new ways of distributing music or because of the resulting eclectic tastes that basically explain Cruïlla’s multitude of skins, is that the fans weren’t just contemporaries of the group. And it wasn’t just their thing. In one of the most beautiful images of the festival, a young man was pushing his friend’s wheelchair at full speed, who, excited, opened his arms as if to take flight in full performance. When people are having fun, it is impossible to get bored. It’s the contagious effect of festivals, one of their superpowers.

American musician and singer Jack White during his Friday performance at the Cruïlla festival held at Parc del Forum in Barcelona.
American musician and singer Jack White during his Friday performance at the Cruïlla festival held at Parc del Forum in Barcelona.Marta Perez (EFE)

And in Cruïlla, the celebration of the people you see in the neighborhood, as long as there are no tourists in the neighborhood, there is more humor. Just before Bandini started his concert, the monologue Marc Serrats recreated a conversation between The Black Alien — a young Frenchman who transforms his body through amputations, tattoos and implants — and his mother using precisely fragments words of Ouch mom, after wondering how he used cocaine after having his nose cut off. More humor on festival-goers’ t-shirts, with slogans such as “No to war, yes to Juan Luis” or, in the case of cleaners, the slogan cleanup nation army With reference to struck the army of the seven nations, which Jack White would later sing on the main stage.

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It was his for an hour and a half in the hardest concert of the day. Gritty rock and blues, songs constructed from guitar tweaks and a sharp vocal, improvised repertoire on the fly, stops and accelerations not to maintain a predictable rhythm and, of course, army of seven countries as a flagship among compositions such as bring me backopened the concert, and more memorabilia from The White Stripes like Hotel That is Fall in love with a girl. The crudity of the proposal, finished with the guitar of White in hitch, inflated the mass started in front of his concert, but the rock still gained momentum at Cruïlla, the festival of the mutants.

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