Rocío Carrasco discovers ‘In the name of Rocío’, the reason why Rocío Jurado did not part ways with Ortega Cano

Rocío Carrasco discovers 'In the name of Rocío', the reason why Rocío Jurado did not part ways with Ortega Cano

The new docu-series by Rocío Carrasco, ‘In the name of Rocio’, it serves to expose the many lies that people close to his family have been telling for years. One of the most controversial aspects for Rocío Carrasco was the marriage between his mother Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano, an event which he believes should never have been celebrated. Now, in the new docuseries, the eldest’s daughter has revealed the reason her mother didn’t part ways with the bullfighter.

“The day she got married, we were inside the Yerbabuena, the door to my mother’s room opened and when I saw her dressed in white, I had the greatest cry that a human being has ever uttered. I didn’t want to see her unhappyI did not want to see her suffer, it seemed to me that she did not deserve it, that she was a woman who had given everything and that she did not deserve the situations that were generated”explained the day the singer walked down the aisle.

However, Carrasco revealed that it wasn’t all pretty and that her mum had come to seriously consider the split: “They went through it with me, even more than me. Due to special situations she decides one day ‘I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to separate’… There were situations that were unforgivable and that shouldn’t have happened. Ortega Cano did not behave well with Rocío Jurado, who was my mother. Now is the time to explain why.”

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“Ortega blames her for her age, I know it from her. If my mother had not adopted the two children, she would have separated” Rocío Carrasco said emphatically in one of the episodes of “In the name of Rocío”, his new docuseries which presents an episode every week on MiTele Plus.

However, this isn’t the first time Rocío has dropped something like this. During the broadcast of ‘Montealto’ He has already mentioned in passing the disenchantment that Rocío Jurado began to feel for Ortega Cano after his marriage. “She imagined one thing and then it didn’t happen. Everything is not always as we believe it, expect it or in which we deposit our illusion. It’s not always what you expect. My mom got married very excited, that’s what I think,” he said at the time.

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