Rockstar is leaving Red Dead Online to focus on GTA VI

Rockstar is leaving Red Dead Online to focus on GTA VI

It was an open secret, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Rockstar has confirmed that leaves Red Dead Online to focus entirely on GTA VI. The company hadn’t updated the game since July 2021, but only now, a year later, has it announced that news break as final:

“In recent years, we have been moving more and more development resources to the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. We understand the need, greater than ever, to exceed player expectations and move on to the next chapter. the best possible. Following this, we will also do some changes to how we support Red Dead Online“, explains the study through a press release on its official website.

“There will always be monthly and seasonal events from now on, but instead of offering major updates, we’ll be highlighting the creative efforts of the community via Newswire. Once again, we would like to thank the community for their continued support. We are really grateful Thank you for all the constructive feedback we have received so far and we hope it will continue to come in.”

Red Dead Online GTA VI

Red Dead Online launched in October 2018, just a few months after Red Dead Redemption 2. follow in the footsteps of GTA Onlinebut while it takes nearly a decade of content and updates, it only took three years for Wild West to be a desert without gold. From now on, at four years old, this farewell means going to the obvious: the numbers. While GTA V has around 125,000 daily players, Red Dead Online barely hits 3,000.

It was said to be an open secret because, in recent days, the community saw the movement coming and had even organized a funeral for red dead online. More than 8,000 people had registered for an online meeting to shut down the game and complain about the situation under hashtags #RedDeadFuneral Yes #SaveRedDeadOnline.

Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV Remasters

Over the past few hours, news has also surged that Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV remasters are being postponed. Both games were going to be a reality, but Rockstar decided to turn to the next installment in the saga and not look back, even more so after what happened with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition . It seems that, now yes, andThe development of GTA VI is going better and better at full sail.

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