Russia launches at key new target in Ukraine to advance war

Russia launches at key new target in Ukraine to advance war

ukrainian army He tries to stop the enemy advance towards Siversk, the intermediate objective which would allow the Russian army to launch a full offensive towards Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, the main Ukrainian strongholds in the Donetsk region.

“The Russian troops had little success southeast of Siversk and continued their offensive west of Lisichansk,” the American Institute for War Studies (ISW) reported on Saturday, analyzing “operational pause” announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense after controlling Lugansk.

An incident-free “operational pause”

A situation that was corroborated on his Telegram channel by the governor of this region, Serghiy Gaidai, who pointed out that Ukrainian defenders “try to contain Russian forces along the entire front line”.

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“For now the operating pause is not respected announced by the enemy. Keep attacking and bombarding our lands with the same intensity as before,” he said.

According to the Ukrainian command in its part of the war, Russian forces punished with their artillery the towns of Dibrovne, Bogorodychny, Adamivka, Karnaukhivka and Suligivka, northwest of Siversk.

However, the Russian pressure, less intense than before the capture of Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, continues, even if did not report great progressnoted Gaidai, clarifying that these “they attack from different directions”.

“It would seem that the occupiers are carrying out their offensive operations west of Lisichansk and already… Don’t give up trying to enter the neighboring region along the administrative boundary “Luhansk”, he explained.

The governor of the occupied region said that “where it is inconvenient for them to advance, (Russian forces) they make real hellby bombarding the territories that are on their horizon”.

Limited offensive operations

And it is that according to the ISW, “aware of the danger that the Ukrainians take the initiative and launch a counter-offensive, Russian troops limit their offensive operations in this part of the front and in other areas along the front line”.

“Less forces are involved in these operations than in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, they pursue more limited and local objectives with less determination and willingness to take casualties compared to fighting for these two cities,” the ISW added.

But according to the American center, this situation is temporary, because “when the Russian command decides that it has succeeded in preparing adequately for the resumption of a major offensiveprobably the will resume with a greater number of troops and a greater decision”.

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“The intelligent campaign plan aims to (…) convince the enemy that there will be no breakor that it will be too short to reap the rewards,” the ISW added.

New HIMARS for Ukraine

In this context, the adviser to the Ukrainian President, Oleksiy Arestovych, assured that thanks to the American HIMARS Systems “up to 20 arsenals were destroyed in the rear of the enemy”which practically halted the Russian offensive.

“The work of HIMARS has been felt over the past two weeks,” he added, noting that “thanks to the precise strikes up to 70 kilometersthe enemy places the new warehouses at a greater distance from the front line”, which hinders the logistics of Russian troops.

Arestovych welcomed the American announcement on the delivery of new HIMARS systems and missiles for them, which includes missiles with a range up to 300 kilometers.

“Hello, Crimean bridge!”he added, joining the threats of several Ukrainian representatives to attack the bridge over the Sea of ​​Azov which connects the peninsula to Russia.

East 19 kilometer viaduct above the Kerch Strait, making it the longest in Europe, is the apple of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s eye, and an attack on it could provoke an angry reaction from Moscow, which has its own side threatened by attack “the decision-making centers” in Kyiv.

Western weaponry in Russian sights

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry, which did not announce any significant troop advances last week, issued a signal on Saturday that will continue to attack the weapons that the West sends to Ukraine.

“In the vicinity of the city of Chasiv Yar was destroyed with high-precision weapons a hangar with American howitzers 155-millimeter M-777s and up to 30 Ukrainian fighters shelling residential areas of Donetsk,” Russian military command spokesman Lt. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

In addition, the representative of the military entity stated that Russian artillery punished 117 Ukrainian positions“including two points for setting up foreign mercenaries in the Kharkov region”east of the country.

Already last Wednesday, Russian Defense announced the destruction of two HIMARS launchers south of Kramatorsk, in the Donetsk region, in what could be preparations for the next Russian offensive.

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