Rybakina: ‘I came to Wimbledon with little preparation and didn’t feel any pressure, that was the big key’

Rybakina: 'I came to Wimbledon with little preparation and didn't feel any pressure, that was the big key'

The wheel of the WTA circuit turns tirelessly and Wimbledon we still had a good dose of nice surprises. Beyond the Germans Jule Niemeier and Tatjana Maria, the big name of the tournament is that of the adopted Kazakh Elena Rybakinaa dangerous foreign approaching the tournament but who disguised himself as a candidate for the title over the rounds. Elena can already say she is in the final on Saturday at the All England Club where she will face one of those who started out as contenders, Ons Jabeur. The 23-year-old Moscow-born tennis player spoke at a press conference about her impressions of such a feat in the semi-finals, her ties still with Russia even though she plays for Kazakhstan, her lately struggles with injuries and pressure and his duel in the final, in the most important match of his still young and short career.

Strong performance against Halep, the best so far in the tournament for her

“I think today I was able to play a very solid match and I put everything into practice very well. Although I felt nervous just when I saw that I was about to win the match and I had to wait a bit longer. previous games, yes I had some drops in my game but today, and despite losing some points, I remained very focused. I am very satisfied with the game result. It’s a very big improvement for me.”

According to her, the key to reaching her first Grand Slam final

“Honestly, I didn’t expect to be in the second week of Wimbledon and especially in the final. I always believed that I had the game to go far in the Grand Slams and that one day I could win one. I didn’t have a good preparation and I didn’t come here when the results were known. That’s why I felt more relaxed knowing that I didn’t come to Wimbledon with the best possible preparation.

This layout has gotten me through all these games so far. I can say that this is the first time that I enjoy every day that I play and that I am present in tournaments.”

The 2020 pandemic has greatly slowed its progress

“It was very hard because at that time I was on the rise. I felt very good, everything was new to me. After the coronavirus, it was quite difficult for me to come back. I don’t didn’t train at all during the pandemic, it wasn’t easy. Then some problems came from allergies, colds, injuries, etc. My trainer told me that I didn’t have to wait for to be in perfect condition. I have to win no matter how I feel. It’s all about training. and improving. Now, after all this time, I understand things. I don’t need to to be on top to go far in tournaments.”

Its connection with the homeland, Russia

“I’ve been playing for Kazakhstan for a long time. They trusted me, I’m very happy to represent Kazakhstan. I played in the Olympics, the Fed Cup… I was born in Russia, yes, but I represent another country. I don’t spend time in Russia. I train in Slovakia, also in Dubai and I travel constantly. Even the president of my federation came to see me play. An honor of course. That’s a great thing of have made history as I have today.”

The grand finale against Ons Jabeur

“They have always been tough matches against her. She has been playing very well for a long time, especially this year. It will be very tough for sure. I met her for the first time a long time ago, in a WTA 125k tournament. She was very nice to me because she helped me find the club where she played, she had her own car Everything she has achieved so far is amazing I know how Ons plays, I know her perfectly. We both know each other very well. well.”

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