Securely Connect Your USB Flash Drive With These Simple Tricks

Securely Connect Your USB Flash Drive With These Simple Tricks

If you want to protect yourself as much as possible from any type of security threat, one of the things you need to pay attention to is your USB key, because if infected with any type of malware, you need to be careful when connecting it to a device.

For a pen drive to get infected, it can be for many reasons and it may be that by connecting it we already infect the device or the content inside and replace some of our documents with fake ones.

Reasons why our flash drive is infected

One of the practices that may have led to a USB infection is connect it to a public computer like that of a library or that of the university, which they are devices crossed by a large number of people throughout the day.

Always check that you are scanning a reliable QR code.

If by chance, one of the people who connects his USB key to one of these computers had a virusautomatically anyone who plugs in your USB stick will be infected just by logging on.

This situation too it can be donated in case we leave the USB key to someonebecause it is possible that he inadvertently used your USB for copy a file to an infected computer.

By typing on a mobile, cybercriminals have access to the user's banking and personal data.

From now on, this USB will infect any device you plug it into. In case this happens to you, you might understand why files start missing or because you cannot access with your access codes.

In addition to third parties, you can infect the flash drive yourself without realizing it by connecting it to an infected computer with some type of virus, which has not been updated for a long time or which does not have a good system anti-virus.

Securely connect your USB flash drive

If you don’t want any of these situations to happen to you, there are several reasons you can protect yourself every time you plug in a USB flash drive to minimize the risk. An interesting option is use some linux like ubuntu because most attacks happen on windows.

Firefox logo.

In this way, when you connect the USB drive will alert you if there are suspicious files and you can remove it in time before the memory gets infected.

Another good option for securely connecting a USB flash drive is start the system in safe mode, that is, it works with the minimum so as not to completely compromise the system or Apps that you may have installed.

Find out what a good antivirus should have.

To start safe mode in Windows 11, You need to go to Settings, System and Recovery and there you can click Restart and check Enable in safe mode option

If you have an old offline computer that you no longer use, this can be very useful for connect the flash drive without compromising other major devices such as your daily computer. This way you will be able to check if there is any type of malware before damaging a good computer.

More and more people choose to buy online.

The program USB Disk Security is another very good option for Windows, since it is responsible for detecting and eliminating all types of viruses and hence, it allows you to check if your USB drive is infected with malware. It’s as easy as downloading the apps on your computer.

If none of the options work for you and you are going to connect it directly to your main computer, the most useful thing is that you make sure that the PC is properly updated to prevent your USB drive from introducing virus into the device.

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