Several women denounce having been drugged during an evening of the party of Olaf Scholz

Several women denounce having been drugged during an evening of the party of Olaf Scholz

The Policeman of Berlin investigating several allegations of women who claim to have been drugged during a party German Social Democratic Party (SPD) in which the Chancellor Olaf Scholz and many deputies and party collaborators.

So far, security forces have identified five victims, all attending a summer party organized by the Social Democrats, Scholz’s party, and held near the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The first complaint came from a 21-year-old woman who said feeling sick and dizzy and experiencing memory leaks after attending the party, which was attended by over a thousand guests. The woman assured that she had not drunk alcohol during the event.

The victim maintained that she did not remember anything about the event after 9:30 p.m. He alerted the police after going to the hospital, where a blood sample was taken and a toxicological analysisbut the results are not yet available, according to a police spokesperson.

The police have not yet identified any suspects, while the SPD has already condemned the incident. The police spokeswoman said that no other crimes had been detected, not even sexual assaults.

Similarly, a spokesman for the Social Democrat parliamentary group today said he was unaware that the women involved had been victims of other crimes such as theft.

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“I advise all interested parties to lodge a complaint,” wrote an official of the parliamentary group, Katja Mast, on Twitter.

Police repeatedly warn of the danger of criminals mixing these substances into drinks at parties or clubs and robbing or sexually assaulting the victims. Investigations are often difficult because victims often do not remember what happened.

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