Shackleton pays tribute to what was his name through ‘On the road again’ – Periodico PublicidAD – Journal of Advertising, Commercial Communication and Marketing

Shackleton pays tribute to what was his name through 'On the road again' - Periodico PublicidAD - Journal of Advertising, Commercial Communication and Marketing

In January 2004, it was founded Shackleton. With dedication and effort, it has become the largest independent Spanish agency. Today, 18 years later, it is renamed accent song.

To communicate this important moment, its entire team, made up of more than 180 professionals, wanted to pay tribute to what has been its name since its foundation through “On the road once more”, a campaign that emphasizes that what is really important is not the name, but the work behind this name, the professionals who made it recognized and that the essence will remain the same.

The spot transports us to the beginning of 2004 where we see Anthony Montero in his office. The scene begins with the announcer reading a news report about Shackleton’s birth and trying to pronounce the name correctly, which was nearly impossible at the time. From there, the viewer witnesses the passage of time and how little by little this complicated name positions itself and becomes more and more recognized. Until we get to the present, when the agency’s integration under the Accenture Song brand is announced.

John Silva said : “We wanted to say that a name is just a name, no matter how simple or complicated. What’s really important is the work you do under that name.”

For Lucia Angle: “Shackleton has the unmistakable cachet of those of us who are part of it. For 18 years, we have believed in what we do and we continue to believe in it. Even in this endgame campaign. I would like to thank the colleagues in the sector who are supporting us in this change. And to those who formed and are part of what is now Accenture Song in this new project which we hope will revolutionize everything”.

The film has cameo participation and collaboration from iconic publicity characters such as Antonio Montero, Jose Luis Moro, Pablo Torreblanca, Sito Yes Frank Bitan and other lesser-known protagonists such as customers, journalists, presenters or rewards.

To communicate on the integration into the Accenture Song brand, a communication plan has been launched which, in addition to the spot, includes a landing, email marketing and direct marketing actions with customers, friends and suppliers. This last piece includes a limited edition and numbered metal key ring made from the letters of the Shackleton signs that presided over the facades of its various head offices. The keychain, with the Accenture Song logo, literally represents the integration of both the agency’s renaming and the momentum gained from its experience and work over the previous years to make it, as expressed in his submission, “in all that we will continue to do”.

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