Should I unplug the fridge if I’m going on vacation?

¿Tengo que desenchufar la nevera si me voy de vacaciones?

With soaring electricity prices, we have to look for formulas that help us reduce the bill a little each month, and summer holidays are presented as a good opportunity to save energy. Why leave appliances or devices that consume electricity plugged in and increase our monthly bill?

In this guide we will explain what devices and electronics you can unplug when you go to the beach to save on the electricity bill. And yes, the refrigerator is one of them, as long as you empty it before leaving so that the food does not spoil and bad odors are generated.

The Organization of consumers and users (OCU) states that unplugging appliances, in addition to being safer for our home, can also help us save on electricity consumption. This organization advises to unplug electrical appliances, so that the so-called “standby consumption, that is, they do not turn off completely, which causes them to continue to consume electricity, although to a lesser extent. An example of this is if you leave the charger connected to the outlet, it continues to draw electricity even though you don’t have mobile charging. Unplugging them would mean saving 10% on energy consumption; which translates to 7.5 euros on the bill of the month for an average consumption of 4,500 kilowatts per year, as detailed in an analysis by the OCU.

The refrigerator consumes up to 30.6% of what all your devices fear. Therefore, so that its consumption is not excessive, it is important don’t leave the door open Yes do not introduce hot food, because his effort to cool them causes him to consume more energy.

The rule is simple the more devices you can leave unplugged, the better. If no one is going to use the facilities in your home, there is no need for anything to be turned on. So, if you are planning a vacation, we recommend, first of all, to unplug the appliances that consume the most per hour, such as the refrigerator and the freezer.

If you’re going on vacation for a long time, whether it’s a week or more, and you’re not going to leave any food in the fridge, you can unplug it and save yourself the consumption of a 24-hour appliance. hours per day. If you have a fridge-freezer, where the top half is a fridge and the bottom half is a freezer, you can only unplug the fridge part so your frozen foods don’t spoil.

In addition to saving on the bill, leaving the fridge empty prevents you from finding an unpleasant surprise when you return from vacation, which you left behind, which has become moldy and whose smell has spread throughout the house.

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