Survivors | Alejandro Nieto attacks Nacho Palau in ‘Survivors 2022’ after being saved ‘by penalty’

Alejandro Nieto ataca a Nacho Palau en ‘Supervivientes 2022’ tras ser salvado “por pena”

This Thursday, Survivors 2022 experienced the long-awaited unification of competitors and the last change of venue in the reality show. From then on, the final was very tight and tempers grew hotter and hotter. This could have been verified during the Robinsons meeting at La Palapa when Alejandro Nieto faced Nacho Palau and all because he was saved last Tuesday.

According to the man from Cádiz, prisoner of rage and anger, this is due to the grief that Palau gives, something that bothers him supremely and that he could not remain silent during the gala. So much so that Alejandro found himself face to face with Palau live after having declared in a previous conversation: “I am poor. He has lived on history for 26 years”.

'Survivors 2022': Nacho Palau becomes the leader of the week

‘Survivors 2022’: Nacho Palau becomes the leader of the week

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The salute ceremony last Tuesday at Survivors 2022: No Man’s Land He had Nacho Palau as the winner, which didn’t sit too well with some of his teammates, who couldn’t believe the reason why he had so much support if no one knew him. In a conversation between Yulen Pereira and Alejandro Nieto, here is what they commented.

“He stole everything that can be stolen, he deceived everyone…” said the fencer. “What will he see outside?” wondered Alejandro. “I find it very strong that people don’t know who Nacho Palau is. He’s been living history for 26 years.” And he continued: “He hasn’t given a stick to the water in his fucking life. Come on, what a poor thing? I’m poor.”

‘Survivors 2022’: Alejandro Nieto cries because Nacho Palau was saved

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Alejandro’s anger was mounting, despite Ana Luque’s attempt to calm him down, but the Cadiz man continued in tears: “It’s not fair that a guy who has a house for 250,000 euros is embarrassed, it’s a damn it. The one who doesn’t have a house, it’s me, damn it!” Faced with this situation, the rest of the companions tried to comfort him, without success.

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Footage of Alejandro Nieto’s outrage was released at the gala while the Robinsons were at La Palapa, which raised the tension. “I said what I think”, began by saying Cadiz. “You have lived in all the countries of the world, you have been with a millionaire, you have had servants, they say by you. You have four children who were brought up by your servants with you,” he said.

'Survivors 2022': Fight between Nacho Palau and Alejandro Nieto

‘Survivors 2022’: Fight between Nacho Palau and Alejandro Nieto

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To which Nacho Palau warned him that he was disrespecting him and that he should not go down this path. “I also have a son to raise and I’m not sorry,” Nieto justifies himself. “I don’t want to feel sorry for anything. I consider you, from here, the greatest survivor. You are a guy who is into everything. I don’t consider you better than me because I can arrive to things you can’t do. I’m just as much of a survivor as you are and today the things you said surprised me”, replied the ex-husband of Miguel Bosé.

“I didn’t have the life you had. The other day you said that you had dinner with Corinna, in embassy places. That you knew the prince and the king,” Alejandro claimed. To which Nacho attacked with: “And why ‘That life is better than yours? All the women and all the men who take care of their children at home because their partner works live the story, gentlemen. C is what you just said.

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